OT: Literati

I GOTTA tell you guys about this. You are the only ones who will appreciate it!

I was just playing Literati in Yahoo, and was able to make the word “KNITS” two times!

OMG! I used to be a literati addict. Unfortunately, after I started to pick up a lot of arcane words (which is inevitable when you’re playing it constantly), I ran across a couple of sore losers who accused me of cheating and it really, really, really upset me. I just felt so frustrated that someone could even think that about me, you know? Most people were really nice, but after a two very hurtful experiences, I just quit. Have you ever had that problem?

Anyway, I don’t mean to be a downer. (Sorry – I guess seeing that board just brought back some old memories!) It’s really neat that you got KNITs in twice. I do understand. It’s funny knitting always seems to be at the back (or front) of a knitter’s mind, isn’t it? I have caught myself (more than once) saying to DH: “honey, have you checked the yarn,” instead of “mail.” :rofl: Wishful thinking!

I used to play that, too, but I only ever play with people I “know” from somewhere. I used to spend hours playing either that or canasta.

That looks like fun…wtg with knits! I’m not a very computer game kinda girl, though…back in the day, pinball was my game, still play it at the arcade! Boy, I just dated myself :roflhard:

Hi Jane :waving: I’m no expert, but I do alright in the game. It’s a nice distraction to me. No one has ever accused me of cheating, but I’ve lost a couple games in a strange way before. One time, the game just ended, and the other person won, but it wasn’t a timed game, and I wasn’t late in putting down my word. So, SOME people do cheat. I guess that’s why some people just assume that a good player cheats. I understand your anger. I was ADDICTED to Literati before I started talking to everyone here in the KH forum. Now, my addiction is in the right place! :slight_smile:

Cate, I’ll be happy to play with you sometime! I’m “unkoine” in yahoo. I’m a slow player though…just to warn you. I can’t do a timed game, because it stresses me out! :oo:

Becca, I LOVE pinball! My husband and I will play it when we come across a machine. We have totally different styles, though. He moves with his whole body when he plays, and I only move my fingers.

We’ll have to play sometime, Sandy! :cheering:
I inherited love of pinball from my dad and I’m young. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! I would offer to play right now, but I’m too busy dancing to Earth Wind and Fire! :teehee: I just can’t sit still and CANNOT concentrate on literati when I listen to that music.

I’d be totally interested in playing too, if it’s with you guys! I used to prefer timed games because I’d get bored waiting, but now that I’m a knitter, I can just keep my yarn and needles handy. :slight_smile: Just let me know when, and we’d probably be able to work something out!

Oh, that would be cool! We could have a game with all of us at the same time!