OT: Light a Candle for World AIDS Day 12/01/05

Forgive me all, I’m really not one to pimp websites, but Bristol-Myers-Squibb is donating $1 for AIDS research for every candle lit, up to 100K. There’s only 15K so far, so I’m trying to spread the word a bit. This is actually a BMS site, so I’m certain it is legitimate. It is free and only takes a moment.

Light To Unite, World AIDS Day 2005

Thank you everyone!!!

Done! And I passed it on. :wink:

VERY nice. Done.

Lit one in Hope for AIDs to be history not reality…
And passed the site on as well

Thank you so much for posting this! Done and passed

bumpity bump

Thanks for posting this. I lit mine in rememberence for all those who have suffered, lest we become complacent, and i’ve passed it on to everyone i know. :heart:


Lit one in rememberance. Thanks for passing this on and I’ve passed it along as well.

You all are SOOOO awesome. Since I posted the request, the candles lit have nearly quintupled and we are now only 20000 away from getting the maximum 100K for research.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! You all rock.