OT - Laundry?

Okay, I know I should know these things…but I don’t…so sad. Anyways, if an item says hand wash, can you run it through on the delicate cycle? Or are there items specifically designed for the delicate cycle? I can’t recall ever seeing ‘delicate cycle’ on the tags. And I’m assuming you would use cold water in the delicate cycle right?! In case you can’t tell…laundry is not my strong point. My husband spoils me by just doing a lot of it. But now I have this ever growing pile of work clothes that can’t go through the regular cycle.
Thanks much! :thumbsup:

If its something wool, then you must hand wash. Other than that, the only thing I hand wash is myself.

I use the delicate and hang to dry. If I ruin it, then I didn’t want it anyway. :wink: Maybe this isn’t the best advice, but life’s too short to wash my clothing down by the stream. Unless I made it.

what good advice Ingrid! LOL!

yeah i would use delicate and maybe some woolite and life is good. :thumbsup:

Things that seem fragile, like lace, should probably be hand washed in the sink. Bras can be washed on the delicate cycle, but they should never be dried in the dryer. Heat destroys the kind of elastic they use.

Thanks so much guys! I have the wool wash stuff, so I’ll use that and put them through the delicate cycle. I have some of those laundry bags I use for felting, so I might throw some of the more delicate pieces in those as well.

So that’s why my bras never last :shock: …hmmm…I’ll have to remember to tell DH not to throw them in the dryer! :wink:

well from my understanding bras are really only suppose to last about six months, but i don’t think i know anybody who only wears one for six months! :rofling:

I once (only ONCE) went to Rigby & Peller - the bra merchants to the queen. They did the whole measure etc and told me off suitably for wearing the wrong size / shape / hoistability of bra and stuck me in a very pretty but very steel girder like hoist them up bra.

They told me that they only last 3 months! I don’t chuck mine after 3 months that much I can tell you - they are too expensive to just throw :roflhard:

THREE MONTHS?! Are you kidding me? Mulene I’m with you, they are way too expensive to wear for only 3 months. I remember VS giving me a horrendous look and basically making fun of me for even washing my bras in the washing machine. She turned up her nose and said, “everything in this store needs to be hand washed”. I decided that I must be in the wrong store then!

lol yep three months… I smiled sweetly paid for the bra and still have it two years on =P (OK so I don’t wear it all the time it was even a bit too expensive for that).

But yeah three months - I’m not sure if one is weightier on top if thats what causes them to last less time - but frankly I’m with you; if I had to hand wash em I’d probably be in the wrong store too. I have a couple of hand wash ones wrapped up and stuffed in the bottom of a drawer, you can guess how often I wear those.

Other than that, the only thing I hand wash is myself.

I use the delicate and hang to dry. If I ruin it, then I didn’t want it anyway.

Awesome! :heart:

I drip dry all underwear unless they are cotton. I usually use skirt hangers to hang them, but I just bought some of these Clip and Drip Hangers to try so I can hang more than a couple at once. I also have a couple flat dryers for sweaters that can’t be dried in the dryer.

I should take better care of my clothes…

:rofling: lol that sounds like a confession i would be forced to make before my mother made me go clean my room! :rofling:

I don’t really have clothes that are nice enough to take good care of, but I got sick of shrinking so I tend to drip dry most everything including jeans. It doesn’t take that long to hang them up and ignore them and my clothes still fit! :lol:

Since this is a laundry post, could I maybe ask another question without hijacking??? :pray:

Okay, we have just recently bought a outdoor clothes dryer and I have been wondering, Why can’t you dry your towels on the line without them becoming stiff as a board?? :?? (Yes I use a fabric softener in the wash) I have looked and googled and haven’t come up with an answer.


[size=2]Again, I’m sorry if I’m hijacking, I don’t mean too…[/size] :blush:

My eyebrows made a break for my hairline when I read that “three months” thing. If I want a bra that fits my 32G self properly, I need to go to a specialty shop and pay about a hundred dollars for it. (The one exception is one particularly low-cut bra that fits nicely, but it’s cut low enough that it isn’t good for day-to-day wear. I use it with the few low cut shirts I have.) At that price, I’d like to wear them a little longer than three months.
I wash those ones by hand. I generally put the cheaper department store bras (the ones I can find in 34DD, which is squishing it but tolerable) in a delicates bag and hang them to dry. Everything else goes in the washing machine, unless it’s going to felt. Or if it’s dry clean only, but I try to steer clear of those. I pay attention to the drying instructions on everything, because my stepdad ruined my favourite pair of pants by putting them in the dryer. Drip drying everything would be nice, but we don’t have enough space.

first of all, fabric softener on towels isn’t a great thing…it coats the towels and reduces their absorbancy (i fight this fight with my mother and have taken to bringing my own towels to her house so i don’t have to deal with it at all…lol)

but i found that it was the difference between a still day and a windy day. it has been a long time since hanging stuff outside but i always found that if it was a windy day, the towels were nice and soft…if it was a quiet day the towels (or whatever) were stiff.

DH put up a chain on the patio where I can hang stuff. I also have another shower rod in the center of the tub where I can hang things if the weather is damp. You can’t see the rod when the curtain is closed. And as I pointed out in a previous post here I bought some hangers that can hang more at once. I wish I could just throw it all in the dryer, but over the years I’ve decided this works best for me. I used to buy clothes that fit and then they’d shrink. Or I’d buy them a little large assuming they’d shrink and sometimes they did, but sometimes they didn’t and I was left with clothes that were too large. Ugh.

Laundry is one of those “housekeeping” chores I hate, but it has to be done.

Our dryer died during a lightning storm last year, and I still haven’t tried to get it serviced. If I have someone come to look at it, I’ll have to clear a lot of stuff out of that room. What a pain!

So, I have been going to the laundromat once a week to dry my clothes. I wash everything in one night, and hang up the delicates to dry. My husband is a BIG guy (over 300 pounds), so his shirts and pants are HUGE. There is no way I would have room to hang all his stuff to dry.

I really don’t mind going to the laundromat, because I can get everything dried all at once. The hard part is taking all those wet clothes into the laundromat. They are heavy!