OT: Launching Plastic Soda Bottles Like Rockets!

[COLOR="#300090"]The technique uses only plastic soda bottles and is based on common materials and measurements in US products.

[B][U]Water rocket launch pad design[/U][/B]


Very neat! I finally remembered to come in and check for this thread. I’ll have to show that to my husband. He and the boys would probably get a kick out of doing that. He used to launch rockets when my step-son was small.

Thanks for sharing!:thumbsup:

I work at a Very cool Ecology based Summer camp
and for the 4th of July we do Bottle Rockets
all sized bottles, Corks, and Bike pumps for the kids
and sometimes a portable compressor for one or two of the Staffers to show off with (dressed in scuba suits or full foul weather Gear)
we use some natural food colors to make it 'pretty’
the kids run around and around collecting bottles so we can shoot them off again
we start with the same number of bottles we end with
and the kids LOVE it