OT: Ladies- Toilet ettiquette/'My Sweet Pee'

First of all, this is just a request. It’s about the public female restroom and toilet etiquette. And a wonderful product for the squatters called “My Sweet Pee”

This is for my fellow females… who squat or hover, or even slightly stand over the toilet. If you are not one of them, or if you wipe up your mess, thank you for keeping my bum dry.

I know there are other reasons for this pee spot phenomenon, but this is one that can be “eliminated” pun intended.

It’s one of the only things I am somewhat passionately upset about, so I don’t do this often. This is just a request. I love you all. :heart:

PLEASE stop hovering. Or at least, wipe it up. You guys are usually the reason there’s :thud:… P-P on the seat when I find a stall. :thud: And, unfortunately, I usually have to go so bad that I miss it before I go… yikes! I’m not so freaked out about germs as you guys, so I sit. Sitting in your leftovers is gross. And I think it turns even more females into squatters. Which is just a vicious cycle of grossness. When I do catch it, I wipe it up or I find another stall, in disgust. And I know sometimes it is water.

So, in my attempt to stop the hovering, PLEASE invest in a “sweet pee”. I don’t know the owners, but I found this website once, years ago. It’s a brilliant idea (it allows you to pee standing up without the mess!). I don’t have one, but I don’t have a problem with the seat. Otherwise, please wipe, or sit down! :hug: :muah: Pleeeeaaase.


If you can’t wipe the seat, or invest in this for unusual reasons, I understand. I’m just trying to spread the word to those who can in order to lessen the grossness.

Off my soapbox now, thanks.

And mods, if you feel this is in any way unacceptable to post, I don’t mind if you remove it.

:cheering: i agree. wipe your own pee please. the only other persons pee i wipe should be my dd :roflhard:

And while we’re at it, DON’T ANSWER YOUR CELL PHONE WHILE ANSWERING THE CALL OF NATURE. Trust me, whoever you’re talking to can wait. They won’t think you’re in the woods standing by a waterfall (unless the waterfalls where you live have flushing noises).


And while we’re at it, here are the rest of the Potty Rules

Number 4 was don’t pee on the seat. 1 through 3 are:

  1. Flush. Multiple times, if necessary. It’s not so hard. If you’re squeamish about touching the toilet handle, then use your foot. But for the love of all things holy, FLUSH COMPLETELY. If there’s a chance that more than one flush might be required (and yes, you KNOW when those occasions are), hang around and make sure that the job is done.

  2. Leave a buffer zone. The restroom that I frequent in my office has three stalls. It never fails to amaze me that people walk into an unoccupied bathroom and boldly stride straight for the middle stall. I don’t know about others, but I like a buffer stall between me and my co-tinklers if at all possible. If someone is in the first stall, I’ll go to the end one and leave the middle one empty. It just seems like the polite thing to do. But those :!!!: middle stall users ruin the buffer zone for everyone. And the very worst? The people who purposely choose the middle stall for pooping. No offense (because yes, everybody poops), but when you’re going Number Two, I definitely want a buffer between my butt and yours.

  3. Don’t talk to me while I’m going potty. I’m more than happy to chat with you either pre-pee or post-pee, at the mirror or while washing my hands. But once I enter that stall, I expect conversation to stop. I find it physically impossible to chat with a co-worker and tinkle at the same time. I freeze up. So save your small talk until AFTER I flush, okay?

Yeah, that’s a bummer when that happens. I use a seat cover and sit. The floor is far worse than the seat from what I’ve read. There was some test done not long ago and the bottom of purses that sat on the floor was disgusting! :ick:

Lol, actually, that’s something I don’t really mind that much, but I only really talk to close friends and I don’t care. I guess that should be something that you should tell everyone you talk to. :shrug:

EWW, I don’t even want to know. I wish there were hooks on the doors of all stalls.

EWW, I don’t even want to know. I wish there were hooks on the doors of all stalls.[/quote]

If there aren’t I hang it around my neck… Ugh. :wall:

Or this might happen:

Oh my gosh I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!! I hover, but I ALWAYS make sure to use about 5 of those paper seat covers (I know, I’m a horrible environmenalist!)…when I use a public restroom that is. I only use them in emergencies.

:cheering: YES!

It’s the coolest thing, right?? One of these days I may get one just for the heck of it.

At my last job, there were a lot of hover-ers. There were also a lot of :!!!: tches that didn’t know to check before they leave… poo on the seat, the big T on the floor…and those that refuse to wash their hands because the faucets and sinks have germs… AHEM! Is your hooha germ free so you can wipe and then touch the doornob? I have no problem leaving the bathroom and touching the door handle…I don’t take the extra step to use a paper towel to get out…but when someone leaves without washing??? WTF!!! They posted signs, but it did no good. They posted a NO CELL phones sign, and people complained or ripped them down. Not that I’m worried your pal will hear me in the next stall, I don’t care to hear who got lucky,drunk,arrested,evicted or any of that crap. When you are in a stall, it is NOT a cone of silence!!!
We used to call the drippers “Hover Lady” has struck again!
Now I work for a medical insurance company. The bathrooms are spotless, there are wash your hand signs, kleenexes…and…AND! there is a can of lysol in every stall…and not for freshening the air i might add. How nice to know that the previous occupant may have disinfected for you, or…you can do it prior. :cheering:

Binky, your new bathrooms sound divine!

My ideal public restroom:

No door to the inside part, instead staggered walls to make privacy without the necessity of a door, which is touched by dirty hands.

Paper seat covers, because they should be mandatory. At least if the hoverers don’t use them, then you can!

Lysol. See above. (this one is new, thanks Bink!)

Auto flush toilets, so no one has to touch it. I personally hate the people who use their feet, but OK I get it.

Automatic sinks. This way, you don’t have to touch dirty faucets to turn them off. The push down ones don’t work, they have to be motion-activated.

(I used to think automatic soap, but really, you’re getting soap when your hands are dirty, not after they’re clean. Plus if it was motion activated, a ridiculous amount of soap would be wasted.)

Motion-activated paper towels. Coolest invention ever. I know that paper towels are wasteful, but I don’t feel my hands get dry from the heaters. If heaters are necessary, these too must be motion-activated.

This set up means that there will be as little hand contact with dirty surfaces as possible, and none after the hands have been washed. :thumbsup:

Oh, yeah yeah yeah… I forgot… we have autoflush toileys :cheering:
My only real peeve right now is how sloppy the sink gets because people will turn on the water, wet their hands, dribble over to the soap and back so it’s all watery and soapy. I will grab a mass of towels and wipe up the sink area because I hate leaning so far out to prevent getting a soapy wet spot on the front of my pants or shirt. I don’t need to look like I P’d myself when I leave. You’re not doing anyone any favors by wetting your hands befor you go for the soap people, your hands will be clean once you take the soap and wash…just sayin’ :shrug:

Once, while using the restroom in an office building, I heard the girl in the next stall calling to follow up on a job interview she’d had the previous day. She was talking while tinkling!! (I hope they didn’t hire her.) I understand calling from the loo b/c you’re job hunting & don’t want your boss to know (been there, done that), but fer Pete’s sake, make sure no one’s actually using the facilities!

I don’t really expect women to start being all tidy in public restrooms, so I always, always, always use a seat cover (or pieces of TP if there aren’t any seat covers). I am so grossed out by sitting in someone elses pee, I always check the seat before I sit. Plus I carry hand sanitizer gel… I squirt a little on a dirty seat and clean the seat myself. (I’m almost a germaphobe).

The grossest restroom experience I’ve ever had was at a very uppity restaurant. The chick before me was having her monthly visit and left ahem evidence on the seat, the floor, the little trash bin, AND the wall. It looked like a crime scene! :?? I was so disgusted, I turned right around and confronted her right there while she was washing her hands… I told her, loudly in front of several other girls, that she should try cleaning up after herself.

Women can be pretty nasty in public restrooms. :doh:

Despite the really stupid name, the product sounds interesting. I HATE HATE HATE public restrooms. But we travel a lot so there’s really no way to avoid them. So I carry Charmin To Go seat covers, Charmin To Go TP and Purell in my purse. My mom makes fun of me, but whatever. Public bathrooms are usually so gross.

I love it when they have auto flushers, towels and faucets. I usually don’t like the hand dryers because they don’t work so well, but once at a gas station in Kansas, I encountered one that actually worked. It blew so hard that you could watch the skin on your hands rippling. It was pretty weird.

OMG, this has been an enlightening, gross & hilarious thread! :roflhard:

I once read something really scary about the germs on the handles of supermarket shopping carts. I think I’ll buy some of those portable handy wipes next time I go shopping!!

I just followed the link to check out the “sweet pee,” and I think the aparatus is too large. How would you carry it around with you? Store it in your purse? or pocket? You couldn’t. It’s HUGE! And how would you clean it? IN THE SINK? Where I wash my hands? NO THANK YOU.

The military makes one for female GI’s that is MUCH smaller, and easy to put in a pocket or rucksack. But there is still the point of how to clean it.

I’ll hover, thanks. (And I’ll watch my aim and wipe the seatie.)

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