OT--Knitting Lessons Perspective from the outside world

Just a few minutes ago, a co-worker of mine asked if I had any plans tonight. I said, well, tonight is my 3rd knitting class ( :happydance: ). I told him that I already have a scarf done (for the most part minus last night), and so now I’m going to try and learn everything that I can since I’ve got 2 lessons left after tonight.

He asked well, what’s left to learn, you’re knitting right? I told him that I’m going to learn to increase, decrease, and how to do different knitting combinations & see what they look like. I said I didn’t care about a new project, I just wanted to soak everything up while I was in lessons so I wouldn’t have any problems later on my own.

His thoughts… bring it in! We can put it on the wall as abstract art! I just couldn’t help but laugh. Knitting as abstract art on the wall. Oh the thought… :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

I actually think that’s kind of a great idea! And cool that your coworker is interested in your knitting as art. Hehe.

I agree!


It surprises me when a person who doesn’t know
anything about knitting thinks if you can knit
a simple scarf, you are ready to knit ANYTHING! :roll:

I do different kinds of craft, but I find knitting has
its depth. I mean, there are so many things to learn
from knitting.
I love it, but it is also challenging to me.


People can be idiots about every kind of lesson. I have been riding horses on and off for almost 20 years, and I take lessons. People always ask when I’ll know how to ride. Duh, it’s about getting better. Things that are fun are usually MORE fun when you are good at them!

I’m still practicing law after 25 years, so it isn’t just crafts and hobbies!

I’d take him up on it after all knitting [size=6]IS[/size] art, in my opinion! :smiley:

Aside to losanna: :teehee: Practicing law-I hear that one all the time, too. Client: How long has Mr. W been practicing Me: 35 years. Client: Well, after all that practice, he should be pretty good by now. Ha. Ha. Ha. Me: :roll: :thumbsup: