OT- Knitting Injuries- not for the squemish


I haven’t done that but right now I am getting over losing my toenail on my right big toe (dropped a can of Mandarin oranges on it in Feb, new toenail is still growing in… same toe I lost the toenail on 10 yrs ago when I dropped a cafeteria tray on it!) and last week I slammed the 4th toe on my right foot into the Doggy Steps (swelled up and turned purple) … it was healing and I then slammed the same into a table leg! My poor right foot!

(I have bad luck with my long “monkey” toes!)

I hope you heal soon!

ouch! That sounds painful!

ooucchhhhh !!!But I can relate to your stories, but mine was a nail a 31/2 inches of galvanise nail through my foot. I couldn’t wear a shoe for weeks…:cry:

[I]I got that beat[/I]…<said like Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws when comparing scars> :teehee:

I once saw a 3’ sword fall (it was real, metal sword on our wall) when my mom was putting some linen away she brushed up against it and it landed firmly between the 2nd and 3rd digits of the foot…and remained standing up!

Talk about :passedout:

I got that beat… (said like the other guy)

Arms through a garage window… blood everywhere, glass in my wrists and hand and the muscle in my upper arm hanging out, and all the time me screaming, “but I don’t want to go to the hospital… it’ll heal!”

wow … you are a trooper. you sound like me the time the honey bees attacked my face my eyes were swollen shut for quite awhile but me i wasn’t having that hospital thing it would go down I said.

Who says this is strange logic?

I think we all here can agree this a very normal, sane, basic logic! :cheering::thumbsup::roflhard:


I can relate. I once had to have a toenail removed, and in order for the doctor to remove it, he had to numb my toe by giving me a shot right in the webbing between my toes. I hope I never have to get poked there ever again. By anything.

[B][I]“You were on the Indianapolis”???[/I]:shock::roflhard:[/B]

OK, I am type one diabetic so I stick myself with needles , on purpose everyday. 4 or 5 shots and 6-8 finger sticks. I have callouses on my finger tips from all the testing.

I have not had any knitting needle mishaps (yet) knock on wood, but I did get a fishhook stuck in my side when I was little.

I once forgot that I had loose size 1 DPN’s in my knitting bag. I remembered them real quick when I was digging around and one got stuck under my fingernail.

I should say I WAS taken to the hospital… by an ambulance. I did not cry one bit until they said they had to deaden it to stitch things up. I swear that needle was 5 feet long and 6 inches around. I screamed so loud that my mother passed out in the hallway.

:ick: This is a morbid thread.

So far the only knitting injury I have had is split cuticles (I sometimes jab myself while knitting and talking…I am not a person who can multi-task, obviously).

BUT I have put my arm through a glass door at my 19th birthday party. It was so fun to take the whole party to the emergency room so the doctor could sew my wrist back up. The cool thing was, you could see the tendon in my wrist. It was gorgeous.:thumbsup:

I didn’t fight going to the emergency room, but I will tell you that it didn’t hurt that much until they started sewing it up. I think I was in shock.


I’ve never had one of these mishaps, but I am ALWAYS extra careful when putting my work down. I can imagine leaving the needles on the couch and one of my dogs jumping up and hurting themselves with it. So I ALWAYS put it on the coffee table or if I MUST put it down I stick the pointy ends into a cushion so it does not pose a danger.