OT- Knitting Injuries- not for the squemish

Anyone else make the mistake of putting their DPNs on the floor and then promptly (or later) stepping on one and getting it right through the skin between your toes…OMG!!! Panic Inducing! I’m okay but its a scary sight to see a piece of metal stick out of oneself.

:ick: Ouch!

OH. My. Ew. Yuck. Oh you poor thing. :hug:

Not to mention that the particular DPN is now completely bent and useless. Dangit!

Ouch!! :shock:


Aww, yikes! Sorry to hear that :ick:

But on the bright side of things, you have a wonderful excuse to buy some new needles :inlove: :happydancing:

That sounds painful… kinda reminds me of the time I stepped on the cross stitch needle…

eeek! That has made me squirm at the thought of it! Ouch! :shock:
Glad you’re fine, and the thought of a purchase of new needles should make the pain a bit better :lol:

:shock: I’m glad you’re ok!
Not exactly the same, but when I was a kid, my sister left her head gear (her dental type thing for her braces) on the floor:ick: and I stepped on it, right through my toe. It hit a nerve and my toe swelled up to twice its normal size. Yuck! I haven’t thought of that in ages…:teehee:

OUCH, (I have no idea how to spell this, but…) OIEEEY OIEEEY!!! That had to hurt!!!

metal sounds better than bamboo though. yipes!

As a matter of fact, I DO know what it’s like to have a metal dpn stuck in one’s foot. :rofling: I dropped one, it bounced off the top of my foot and landed at an angle stuck in the carpet, so I of course walked right into it and it jabbed into the bottom of my foot. There was more shock than pain, I think.

Unfortunately I know the feeling as well. I had a large dpn in my knittingbasket standing straight up and when I crossed my legs I jammed it onto the DPN. ouch. It’s a year ago and you can still see the spot :frowning:

:ick: you poor thing. Console yourself by buying some nice new needles, and if buy needles then you just [I][B]have [/B][/I]to have the yarn to go with the new needles! I know, my logic is a strange one!

Spoken like a true die-hard knitter!

My little sister got one of my mom’s dpn’s stuck in her head once - bent the needle, but no blood. (Mom’d knitting was on the back of the couch, kids were horsing around, head met with knitting needle.)

Reminds me of a family story: My mother home on leave (she was a WAVE) was upstair doing something or other. My little Scottish grandmother was downstairs and asked my mother if she could please come down WHEN SHE HAd THE TIME. Eventually, my mother made her way down to find my grandmother calmly sitting there with a knitting needle stuck in to her calf muscle! gasp

Ow, ow, ow! Glad you’re okay.

YIKES! When I first started knitting, the tips of my fingers all had a bruse on them from pushing the needles through. :oo: