OT - Knitting in a Movie

Dd and I are home letting her recoup from her knee surgery.

I’m letting her watch Halloween (the original) for the first time, and we’re both chuckling. There was a scene where Jamie Lee Curtis’ character is knitting when the kids are in bed. Later, she stabs the bad guy with a knitting needle. We are :roflhard: .

Dd constantly makes fun of my knitting…

Anyway, it’s nice to see dd laughing…she’s been in so much pain the last few days.

Laughing is good especially with mom! :hug:

Laughter IS the best medicine! Glad you made some fun memories! You beat me to the subject, I was going to start one about knitting in movies. Here’s my movie knitting scene:

Movie: Foul Play (1978)
Goldie Hawn / Chevy Chase

Goldie stabs an intruder with her knitting…the cops are called…she says: “I stabbed him with the needle”…“ah, narcotics, eh?”…“no knitting!” :teehee: