OT Knitting Blahs

Do any of you get the blahs after a while with knitting? I have all of these projects I would love to start, but don’t seem to have the gumption to begin any of them. I even have two projects started that I can’t seem to finish. Is anyone else like this?

Sometimes I finish a project and just don’t want to see knitting for the rest of the day but REALLY want that knitted item to wear ;D so I crochet a small amigurumi. The monotony of a large item needs to be broken down with adorable instant gratification projects.

It also helps to make multiple projects at once and cycle through them.This is the way I do it at least.It keeps me excited about my project to be able to do this A.D.D. style, lol

Yes! This happens periodically to me as well. You just have to go with it. I can’t force myself to knit if I don’t feel it. Hang in there, it will come back!:muah:

No. Never. You’re weird. Very. :muah:

No. Never. You’re weird. Very.

:roflhard: Dont scare the poor woman!! too funny!

You’re definitely alone. I felt that way yesterday after finally finishing up all those caps. I decided that I wanted to make my DD mittens to match her cap and my other DD a scarf to match the two caps I’d made her.

It did me good to knit flat after months of knitting in the round and it I am now learning something completely new… that broke those blahs for me fairly quickly. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I’ll get back in the swing again soon. I have a lot of projects I want to do, but keep telling myself not to start another when I have two needing finished. I’ll give it a couple weeks.

Sometimes just taking a small break and doing something else for a little while helps. I also garden so winter does present a challenge when I get the blahs, but that’s what all those books waiting to be read on my Kindle are for!

When I get like this, I pick up something mindless. Like a hat done in the round that is entirely stockinette. Something that I can work on for a while that doesn’t require me to think. Usually does that trick. For me at least.

There is sooooo much I want to knit…then there is the stuff I need to knit…and it is kinda annoying to have to trudge through the stuff that NEEDS to be done in order to get to the stuff I want to do…while more wants pile up behind…sigh

I get like that. So I give myself permission to take a few days, or a week, off. It’s not fun if you’re feeling pressured to do it.

I’ve got the blahs right now. Almost finished with a project and I just want it to be over with so I can try out some wonderful things I’ve found while procrastinating on the current project. It’s a baby gift though, so I must finish it this week.

Yep! I get this feeling now and again as well. When it happens, I tend to just drop the knitting for a bit and pick up my video games and work on those for a while (cause that kick doesn’t last nearly as long), and it’s just a good break to focus my attention elsewhere for a short little bit. Then when I come back to knitting, I’m all in love again, especially cause I can watch TV and knit at the same time (which really doesn’t work well with gaming, especially when one wants to use the TV to play games).

HI:waving:! I’ve been reading the replys & found they were all from very experienced knitters. Wondered if you’d like some thoughts from a beginner…
Curious - Why did you start knitting? I started because my cardiologist told me it would help my heart. And, it is. Just have to be careful not to make the projects toooooo intense or get ahead of my skill level.
Maybe now, your needs have changed… The pressure you feel from all the projects may not be at issue. Find out what you need now, then you will know if a smaller project or a week off will bring you back to it. Maybe just answer this - Why did you [I][B]start[/B][/I] to knit? If it was just the challenge of learning something new - wow - there are so many things to learn! Enjoy life!
Sorry, if this is a little too psychological - used to teach psychology…

Best wishes!