OT Kids! They open their mouths and

I was being funny with my son today. He is 8.
He was showing me something and I replied in a sudo-jive accent (think rasta jamaican with a street edge),
“hey man thats really coooool”

He rolls his eyes and says “Don’t try to fit in!” :roflhard: :roflhard:
(smart mouth little man…ooohhh he’s cruisin fer trouble I tell ya!)

What do YOUR kids say?

i have a bilingual toddler…so imagine. currently he calls his dad “mami” and he calls me “papi”. when i correct him…i point to his dad and I say 'no, baby that is papi"…he responds “no my papi”… :sunny:

OMG that is too funny :rofling: Don’t ya just love kids that can think fast and have the best one-liners :thumbsup:

My guys are like that too - Nick is 10 and Matt is 6 … they crack me up all the time… gotta love our boys :heart:

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lol i have a friend who speaks fluent spanish, his wife is german, and their au pair is swedish.

His little girl would speak in four languages in the same sentance ALL the time. Too cute!

They had Hawaii Day at my 4 year old’s preschool last week. All the kids were supposed to bring some fruit to share. Levi is pretty good with the common fruits, like apples, oranges, grapes, etc., so I was curious if he would have tried anything else. I asked him what fruit he ate and he said “strawberry slobber”. I was like “WHAT??” and he said “you know, when you pick up strawberries and you get strawberry slobber on your fingers!” :roflhard: as if, “DUH Mom, doesn’t EVERYONE know about strawberry slobber?” :doh:

Ok, not my kid, but…

I went to dinner with my sister, her husband and their 4 year old last week. There was a police officer in the restaraunt that came over to talk to him, which he LOVED. Then he pulls the officer down close to him, points at me and says “she said damn”. OOPS. :shock:

omg Lisa, that’s HILARIOUS :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

My seven year old was talking about pirates 'n stuff with me, and I asked him if he knew what “walking the plank” was.

He said, “Yup. It’s how you get girls off your boat.”


We had baptisms at my church the last month. It was the first time my kids have seen a baptism (we baptize adults and the kids are usually still in their sunday school rooms) So my 6 yo wanted to know when he could be “bath-tized” and my 4 yo was (very loudly) commenting on how no one took off their clothes to get in the “bath-tizing” tub. “Don’t they know you don’t take a bath with your clothes on!”

What gets me even more is when they say something you completely don’t understand…and then you find out that they are right! A family friend was over and picked up some animal toys to play with my kids. My then 5yo told her that the two animals she picked would never play together because one was nocturnal and the other was diurnal! :shock: Where do they learn these things?

When i was a nanny my five year old (who is sadly turning TWENTY this year–when did i get THAT old? :frowning: ) and i went to the grocery store. She was sitting in the cart and i told her that i would drive and she would navigate this time. of course i got the puzzled expression i was expecting and i explained to her what navigate meant.

a few days later i was sitting in the kitchen talking to her mom and she was telling me the most amazing Dee Dee story…lol. Dee Dee was out with her mom and Frankie (mom’s b/f) They got in the car and she said:

“Frankie! You drive…i am going to aggravate today!”

this of course was amusing in itself but they asked her what she meant and she said “I am going to tell you what direction you are driving today!”

“Dee Dee where did you learn what navigate means?”

“Nanny taught me!”

they were just amazed that she knew what navigate meant even if she couldn’t say it right.

i of course i was more amused by her declaration that she was going to aggravate… kids are rarely so upfront about that! :rofling:

OMG, keep 'em coming!!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

A coworker was just telling me a story about her 2 boys today…1 and 3 yrs old. They were getting ready to get in the bath. 3 yr old decided to pee before his bath, and Mom just popped around the corner to throw their clothes in the hamper.

Suddenly she hears 3-yr old screaming “NO NO NO STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT MOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!” She RUNS back into the bathroom to see that 1yr old had pulled himself up to standing next to the toilet and was trying to “stop” his big brother’s “stream” by waving his hand up and down through it!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

[size=1]Boys are so weird…it starts from BIRTH, doesnt it??[/size]

OMG! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

my son when he was 5 heard me teasing my husband about his spare tire around his waist so 7 months later when I had baby number 2 he grabbed my waist and said hey Don(his stepfather) at least you don’t have a flat tire"!!!Thats what I get I guess :rollseyes:

My dh gets on the kids for wasting things and has told them it is extravegant to waste. My 4 yo was pitching a fit in the bathroom. We went to investigate and the 2 yo was putting square of toliet paper after sqare of tp into the toilet. She had one hand on her hip and was waving the finger of the other hand in the 2 yos face. She told us that the baby was being “extrapulant.”

when my second baby was in the hospital we brought my oldest in to see him and the nurse that was there was playing with him he told her he would put her in jail and she said "I will just break out"and before I could cup my hand over his mouth because I knew what was coming he said the unthinkable"No you won’t cause you are way to fat"I wanted to die right there. One time there was a fireman behind us in line at a little store on our block and he said "hi fireman look at my moms butt"then he lifted my sweater to make sure there was a full view! :roflhard:

I have 2 boys, ages 7 & 9- and I babysit 2 boys, ages 2 and 18mos. Today, I was cleaning off the top of the cabinet in my kitchen that my microwave sits on. It seems to be the place where all the junk gets placed. I accidentally knocked a bunch of magic markers down on the floor. The 2 yr. old said “SH*T”. I thought okay, if I ignore it, he won’t think anything of it. He then proceeded to repeat himself about 10 times!! I honestly think he’s getting that one from home- I tend to be pretty good about my language, because of my own kids!! I remember slipping once when my youngest was about 2- he repeated me immediately. :oops:

my wish the floor would swallow me moment---- My son when he was 2… I had him in wally world… we were going up this one aisle that had a very poor looking lady there and ummm BO… I said hi and then excuse me cause I needed around her where the end of the aisle was blocked with the ladder and stock thing with a wal-mart employee… I was just about to reach for the item I needed when my son says “mommy I think she popped her diaper you better check her” :oops: ohh I felt so bad I knew she heard… the employee was laughing I was trying to get my buggy out of the aisle while aplogizing and stumbling all over the place it was awful… :oops: :oops:
I still feel so horrible about that wishing I had just chosen to wait to go up the aisle…

I teach preschool and a few weeks ago one of my boys asked me "Do you know who the Roman God of the Underworld is?"
I was totally flabbergasted, what 4 year old knows about the Roman Gods? :shock: I was too shocked to give him an answer and could only remember that the Greeks called him Hades and couldn’t think of what the Romans called him (I was pretty sure that it was Pluto and it is). Later I found out that he has some planet program for his computer, but I was still impressed by him.

when my youngest was in the hospital my older son who was 5 then coiled up the thin strap of my purse and pulled it apart a little so it looked like a cspiral and said to my babys surgeon “This is what dna looks like ya know” aparently on one of his discovery movies about dinosaurs talks a little about dna :??

I guess I can share these… :roflhard:

When my stepdaughter was about 4 and visiting us for the weekend (we had no kids of our own yet) I had to work for a few hours and she came with me because DH was also working. I was a hairdresser at the time and I made sure we had plenty of coloring books and toys to keep her busy in the waiting area. The shop was open in design so she was always visible and I was pretty close to her anyway. So I’m giving this nice, elderly woman a perm when Danielle comes up to ask me a question. The woman (with perm rods in her hair) says to her, “how do you think I look?” Danielle says, “I think you look like a witch!” Arrrggghhh! I’m thinking doesn’t this childs mother teach her manners? The woman is very amused and tells her she’ll look much better when it’s all done. An hour or so later when the woman is all combed out and looking spiffy she asks Danielle how she looks now and Danielle says, “I still think you look like a witch!” :shock: Thank god the woman wasn’t offended and came back the next week! :roflhard:

Another time Danielle was there for the weekend we went out to get the mail…she comes screaming out of the house as only a 4 yr old can yelling at the top of her lungs, “I WANT TO CHECK THE MAIL, I WANT TO SEE IF YOUR FOOD STAMPS GOT HERE!!” Oh. My. God. :shock: I somehow managed to calmly tell her that not everyone uses food stamps and that we don’t.

I could go on… she was an interesting child to say the least and as a 21yr old wife and new stepmom it was an eye opener! :roflhard: