OT-Kids and allergies

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I miss knitting, and I sure miss my KH friends. I’ve been super duper busy taking care of my three year old Kate. We thought she had some horrid virus with a cough and now shes been diagnosed with allergies. It looks like it may be both airborn and food. HELP!

The amount of info to go through is enormous! So I thought if any of you know of some great tips, or the sites that really helped you, that sure could help me narrow things down and get this child healthy. (And get me back to knitting again! HA!) Thank you for any tips or websites.

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I was lucky that my kids didn’t have bad allergies, but I’m sure it’s very scary and frustrating. I’m sure there will be someone here with some help, but I did find a few links.

My daughter’s ex had peanut allergies so I had this one bookmarked. It gives you lists of foods that are safe and not safe and can alert you to anything new.
Peanut Allergy

When I thought they might have kids I bookmarked this one. Lots of good info here.
Allergic Child

My little girl was born in Dec and she is now 2 but that first winter she kept a cold and sneezing when I didn’t take her anywhere… then spring came more colds… summer more colds… the dr thought it may have been the house cause it stayed damp and was an older house well cause we rent when we heard this house was up we grabbed it thinking it would help her alot… it didn’t she still gets the cough and the colds and runny noses… She takes Child’s Clairtain daily when her allergies do flare up. The dr is hoping she will out grow it… This past summer I started having issues as well and was put on a daily allergy pill… the dr told me its prolly cause one day we are in the 60s with sun then over night its cold and we wake up to 30s and snow/rain… This is a bad time for her right now cause its spring and somethings are trying to bloom she has a cough now and is taking her Clairtain… Roo isn’t allergic to any food though or the pets… I know when they don’t feel well its hard… maybe your dr could give you some more pointers… The doc also told us to run a humidifer in her room at night that does help… I also vacumm alot and dust to keep that down for her… I give the dog a bath and keep him cut short and the cat is brushed to cut down on fur flying… My little girl likes raggedy ann dolls so I put them in the dryer to fluff any dust out of their hair along with my boyds bears… I Hope your little girl feels better soon and your back to knitting soon!! :thumbsup:

Thanks Jan and Dustinac,

I am still looking for a pediatrician I can trust. But I will start keeping it a little less dusty. We wrapped her mattress and threw out her old pillow. And Thankgoodness she loves floppy stuffed animals who can take baths as well. :slight_smile:

It is rough, it wears you down when they are non stop miserable and the laundry (throwing up) doesnt stop. Training her to throw up on a towel has been a life saver. Poor baby. Thanks for all the input, Ill look into it all a little further.

Candace, I feel for you. My daughter has allergies and ecxzema. The first time she had an “attack” the 24 hour emergency place down the road told us she had a touch of pneumonia and the usual fluids etc. So we go home, hubby goes to work. She gets worse, like a little limp doll. Hubby races home we rush her to a regular hosp er. She was having an asthma attack. I was so scared. Well they gave her a treatment and you would never know how she was an hour before. Well after about a year of in and out of the hosp mainly in the spring and fall, we were finally referred to an allergist. Who I hated, treated me like I was 2! Plus we have pets, not like they are new pets and he wanted us to give them all away. Right then and there, then he wanted us to get rid of all of our carpet and cloth furniture. And I was like when I win the lottery. Needless to say she does have pet allergies and dust. And we don’t go to that dr anymore. But we seem to have it under control now. So if you have any specific questions I can try to help you. Pm me incase I don’t get notified of the posts here.

My son is allergic to nuts and this site is excellent! It has a great message board for info and support.

Everyone in my house has allergies. My daughter and I have them bad enough that we have to take allergy medicine every day all year long. If I don’t take mine, I get hives and I usually end up with a sinus infection from the constant congestion. My daughter also has asthma. It was very overwhelming when she was first diagnosed, but eventually things calmed down and I got used to the treatments.

Things that help:
Allergy covers for your mattresses and pillows. Also, I think you’re sheets/blankets need to be washed at least once or twice a week in hot water. My allergist told me if I can run them through the hot cycle twice, that would be best. Vacuuming and dusting are important. My sister-in-law swears that those air filters help, but I have not tried one. Cutting down on stuffed animals and carpeting helps, if you can do that. Keep animals out of the bedroom.

The biggest thing that helped my husband - who used to get migraines from his allergies - were shots. He went through the whole thing and he very rarely gets a migraine now. He used to get them about every two months or so. My daughter is supposed to start shots soon, and that’s when I will do it too. I’ve heard they make a big difference.

Thankfully, I know nothing about food allergies. I think that would be the worst to deal with. :frowning:

Good luck!