OT: KH's pets

It’s occured to me after the recent post for Blue that many of the other KH’ers have plenty of babies to show off…there may have already been a post about this before but I figured this would be a good place for everyone to brag about their little furry ones for a little bit…Below is my little guy Wrigley he’s really more like a baby than a dog…he’s a total riot and almost always is at my side and has some separation issues…just like many of you he is my knitting companion…

last year when he was super fluffy

this one is for last year’s xmas card

The next few are of when he was a puppy

his grandma thought this would be amusing

just after his first haircut

he’s named wrigley for a reason…true blue cubs fan…he also likes to lay like a frog

this is how he lays in bed if I get up for work and he’s not done yet

when he gets super fluffy just how i love him his hair makes a nice poof or mohawk…

He’s precious! Is he a cocker spaniel?

yea he is a cocker spaniel…the picture of him in the pot my mom named either cocker caserole or spaniel stew…

Awww Wrigley is a cutie!

Here’s my sweet Foofoo! Yes, that is her name because she’s a Foofoo dog. :lol: Her breed is Coton de Tulear.

After the groomer -

Fur a little longer -

Playing with her giraffe-

I’ll take any excuse to look at pictures of other people’s pets and post photos of my own! [B]:[/B]D

Three years ago, in June of 2007, I walked into my local shelter with the intention of adopting a cat… and adopt a cat I did! This is Dixon, the day my boyfriend and I brought him home:

He was approximately three months old at this time. I had to wait a day before I could take him home with me because he had not yet been neutered. (He was at the shelter only a few days before I fell in love with him. It’s shelter policy to spay and neuter all pets before they’re adopted out.) His ears were freakin’ [I]satellites[/I] atop his head and his tail was ridiculously and adorably long. (I’ve never seen a dog chase its tail but I’ve seen Dixon pounce on his own tail! He played with it constantly when he was a kitten.) However, he was generally pretty small:

After all, he fit on my chest! (He would climb up my torso and curl up on my chest. It was cute but very uncomfortable.)

I think he was separated from his mother at a very early age because he developed an oral fixation. He licks any exposed area of my skin for prolonged periods of time and chews on [I]everything[/I]:

This is problematic when it comes to my knitting. He’s not a wool sucker (luckily!) but he does love chewing on my yarn. He paws at my yarn and stuffs it in his face when he catches it. If he doesn’t chew right through it, he just leaves it sopping wet. (Ew.) Here he watches as I photograph a WIP (with the yarn safely placed out of his reach):

Because he’s castrated, he’s in a perpetual state of kittenhood. He loves affection and attention (he cuddles with me every single morning) and can be very talkative. He’s very playful… which makes for a lousy mouse-catcher:

Rather than attacking his prey, he plays with it. My boyfriend and I have to be our own mouse-catchers.

Also? He’s [B]HUGE[/B] now!

(For perspective, I’m 5’4" and 130 lbs. I have no idea how big he is… but his body is at least as long as my torso.)

He has grown into his ears but his tail is still comically long. I sometimes call him “Question Mark” when he gallops to the door to greet me, with his long tail standing upright in a curved shape.

I love my Dixon and I can’t imagine my life without him :heart:

Kit is an only dog now, and probably too spoiled to get another.
One when he was young and had a job, one more recent after he retired.
He is huge for a field English Springer Spaniel (70lbs presently).

This has been DELIGHTFUL! Thanks for starting this KH PETS thread, and thanks to all have shared (and will share) photos of their furry family!

Like most I LOVE:heart: to share pics of my baby…and my bf baby:aww:
I adopted Shadow at the old age of 4 form the shelter 3 yrs later I don’t know where I’d be w/out all that FUR!!! He was the only cat that would talk to me…i trait I sometime question looking for :teehee: He was skinny(only about 10 lbs) and earmitey and adorable :slight_smile:

He was also missing ALL the fur around his neck from that stupid tape collar…

Today he’s 16-17 lbs and HUGE and no longer earmitey and ALL his fur is back…good/bad —sorry about the fuzzy

B got Marco as a 6 wk old puppy—named him Marco casue he was the first away from Mama…This dog is so spoiled and he think I’m mama until the cat shows up…then I’m EVIL for bringing that monster :mrgreen:

Now as a cat owner i will bathe the kitty but I would never do this to the poor dear…and B should have when Marco was a pup and not so big as to stain the WHOLE HOUSE w/ food dye

And I promise it was food coloring and the dog was NOT harmed…the house was green and the bathroom was VERY green…btw it takes about 4 different passes w/ fresh water to remove green from the carpet :teehee: I watched

This is my Artemis. I also have 4 mice, and I’m looking for a second bird.

Here is Birdie. Yeah I know…unoriginal but when we tried to name her, it kept going back to Birdie.

Although I frequently call her Bird Face…

She doesn’t like the camera flash, and therefore the camera…so there aren’t too many pics of her!

My Juneau, who’s 10 years old (but has the energy of a 2 year old dog) He’s Siberian Husky / GSD. I have had him for 8.5 years and I adopted him from the SPCA with a former boyfriend. Boyfriend was a wanker, at least I got an awesome dog. :slight_smile:

I love that photo of Juneau with the snow.

Cricket - Artemis was less bothered by the flash than by the toys I had there for him to play with. He’s not very confident, but we’re working on that.

My fiance’s cat, Lester the Molestor (he tries to trip me if I walk away from him because he wants to be petted MOAR. BTW, I shoot with a Nikon D40 and a 50mm lens 99% of the time. I’ve also taken a couple of photography classes (and I still basically suck at photography, I do it for my own enjoyment.)

eta: One of my fiance’s dogs, Charlie, a “Flabrador” retriever.

I love birds! Used to raise African and Australian finches and sell them to pet shops! Had very large aviaries! I miss them, but not the work, of course. Can’t travel when you have birds in that quantity! I used to have teenagers at home that would fill in for me when I traveled for business. Now everyone is gone…and John and I don’t want to pay bird sitters to do quite an enormous job. And birds are quite fussy and delicate. They need what they need. I took care of them very meticulously, environment and diet!

Love both birds! Love! Love! Love!

She gets all miffed at me when I take more than a photo or two. She gets all bitey and standoffish for about a week or so after people pull out their cameras. I have a few good pics of her, otherwise I try to lay off so she doesn’t get mad at me…smiles

Its not so much the pot that cracks me up its his expression. He acts like getting stuffed into a pot happens every day.:rofl:

lol that’s true…but with this dog…he really doesn’t mind things like that at all…he’s pretty much like a doll…he’s up for whatever…he often sits next to me upright on the couch with his back up against the back like a person

My sweet dog Cotton! Who I knit clothes for.

LOL…I had a dog like that…she wasn’t necessarily up for anything, but she did put up with us A LOT!

It was the couch thing that reminded me about Sarah. When I was in highschool, I would have a guy friend over, and he would sit on the couch and I would sit on the floor in front of him for a shoulder rub. Sarah would come along and shove me out of the way (and she was a strong dog…part german sheppard and part staffordshire so the papers said) so she could get a pet instead. Mind you she always loved her men!

Sarah - Nov 16 1991 - Oct 19 2006

animals can be such a crackup…for our xmas card last year I wanted to capture wrigley’s personality…and like most dogs he has a bad habit so it was just that much better in his little santa suit…

wouldn’t you know that blasted dog always has his head in the toilet but as soon as i put on the suit and have camera ready he just sat there and stared at me…like he didnt want to mess his outfit…so we threw a treat in and he almost dove in after…so it looks like santa had a bad batch of milk and cookies…

down side now if the lid is closed on the toilet he will sit in the doorway to the bathroom and look at you like ahem…my water bowl is unaccessible…please open it…