OT: Kelly... Don't share this!

Hey Kelly…
There seem to be a few PITA fanatics out there, so don’t show this post to anyone (it can be our little secret) :wink:

I thougth they were WAY TOO FUNNY :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

((I wonder why people keep sending me pictures of cute animals…))

kicks glen PITA? or PETA? hmph!


Ooopps, I must have been hungry while I was typing…
SORRY :rollseyes:
I meant P.E.T.A.

:roflhard: OMGGG…those are WAYYYYYYYYY to funny!! My faves are the bulldog in her undies and the puppy in the soda bottle!! Ive GOTTA show my DH…he will ROLL!! :roflhard:

Thanks, Glennifer, for always keepin me in giggles!!

(Did you get the new knitting for dogs book yet???)

Did you have any doubt??? :shock:
I’ve made Pebbles 2 sweaters already! ((She’s LEARNING to love them too) :thinking:

lol…i am not sure if it is worse to be called a PITA fanatic or a PETA fanatic. I believe in what PETA does, just not their methods! :rollseyes:


Run Glennifer!!! Run before they add 15 names to you too!

:roflhard: :rollseyes:

[size=2](Those are pretty funny dude!)[/size]

:roflhard: that one in the undies OH MY STARS :roflhard:

OH THOSE ARE GREAT!!! :roflhard:

And, I was thinking, “What’s a Pain-in-the-ass fanatic?”

I have an answer to that but it is rather rude and not really fit for public conversation! :shock:

But thank you for a really good giggle!!

I was thinking PITA - People for the Inethical Treatment of Animals, but that would just be wrong!

LOVE THESE PUPS’ ATTIRE :heart: :inlove: :heart:

I’m not too worried about having too maky names. At work they call me:
“Glenny”, “Glen-oid”, “Glen-o-rama” and “Wang Chung” (I’m not sure why they call me that). So I’ll wear “Glennifer” with Pride… :heart:

Pebbles isn’t at the “Modeling” stage yet… when I put her “clothes” on, she rolls on the floor (siezure-style) until I take them off. :rollseyes:

Glennifer (love that)…too funny!!! Reminded me of a pic my girlfriend sent me several yeas ago. When I get home I will post it.

:roflhard: too funny!

I thought about you and Kelly today while outside my grocery store. There was a woman there who had a little dog that was all dressed up in a sweater, hat and little booties (cause his wittle feet were cold!). :shock:

Oh, those are soo funny!! :roflhard:

Howie might find that HOT! :eyebrow:

The rest of us, however, would find it HYSTERICAL! TAKE THE F’N PICS, GLEN!!! :roflhard:

[size=2]I had a friend in HS that I affectionately named “Jimberly”[/size]