OT: Just when you thought you could get knitting again!


After getting a pretty decent start on that matinee jacket, I’ve had to stop! Apart from the fact I’ve misplaced the WIP…

The IL’s have decided to finally move the last of their furniture out of ‘our space’ (long story short, we live with my IL’s in a two storey house… we ‘own’ the downstairs part).

So now we’re on the ‘nursery & study move’ project… Never mind that this is the perfect excuse to buy a stack of cute as pie Classic Pooh accessories and materials to make curtains etc out of… but WHEN DO I GET TO KNIT MY BUBBA SOME STUFF??? :frowning:

sigh I guess I’ll have to suffice myself with creating a cute as pie nursery instead … all my aspirations of giving bub a knitted layette to come home in seem to be constantly getting dashed… :frowning:

Oh well… maybe MIL will pick up her knitting needles and make me stuff :wink: (by me I mean bub)…

Oh, we find out bub’s sex next monday (in Australia), so I’ll come post when we find out :smiley:

(that’s why I haven’t been around girls <again>, because I’ve been on ebay trying to find Classic Pooh bits & pieces for the nursery)… hehehe

Signing off… a ‘want to be knitting’ mum to be…

Glad all is well, even though you don’t get to knit tiny things. You’ll be knitting for the rest of this baby’s life. Now you just have to find out if it’ll be in pink or blue! :happydance:

:cheering: Glad all is well! I’m sure the nursery will be adorable! My girls had Pooh, too. :lol:

Come to think of it, my older grandson still loves his Pooh blanket. Best loved blankie on the block!!

Well, I’ll be sewing bub’s cloth nappies soon (SOOO CUTE)… and I’m hoping to knit at least ONE soaker…

I feel like such a failed knitter :frowning:

Remember the baby kept you from knitting, so it’s not your fault! :heart:

True… but still… <sigh> oh well… Bub will have to be happy with 100 Acre Wood curtains and pretty cushions and what not… :wink:

You should still have time to knit a few things won’t you? When is the baby due?

21 October…

I’m hoping I do… I would really like to take bub home in a set that I knitted for him/her…

There just seems to be things constanlty popping up… or I feel too sick to knit… :S

Hey Tia!

I sewed all my sons cloth diapers! Er, Nappies. :slight_smile: It was so much fun! I’ve got pics around here somewhere, dh took the cutest pic of my son playing while his diapers dried on the line. You can also make soakers out of old wool sweaters from the used clothes shops.

I know how hard it is to prioritize what stuff to do for the baby. Can you ask someone else to make the curtains, so it doesnt cut into your knitting time? If you really really want bub to comehome in something you knit him/her, make it happen!

Keep us updated!

Call me a control freak, but I really want to do it myself… this is baby #1 for us, so I’m kinda “I want to do everything” … hehe… plus, sewing doesn’t make me nauseous… but knitting does… :S

And of course I will!!! :slight_smile:

I understand wanting to do it all for your babies. We have four kids, homeschool, own several businesses and I am finally able to let some very important things go. I let mil do a lot of stuff now, since she cant nurse the baby. It makes her feel good when she does things for my kids. When I was a young mother I wouldnt let her do anything. I think it helps inlaws and our mothers when we do give them “assignments” to help before babies come. It is helping their friendship grow, I wish I had recognized this a long time ago.

Now that I have more responsibilities then I did when I had my first child this is the easiest time of my life, because I am able to do what I do well and let others do things for me. Even when they can’t do it as perfectly as me. :slight_smile: heh.

My friends used to call me SuperMom. I’m so glad I’m not her anymore. :slight_smile:
Now I’m just Mom.

I love you Tia! heh, baby crying gotta go.

:smiley: I’m happy all is well, Tia! I love Winnie the Pooh…Bub is one lucky little one, to grow up in the 100 acre wood :wink: Can’t wait to find out if Bub is a boy or girl :smiley:

Oh gosh Tia, was I being a nag last night. I’m sorry!

Your doing a great job! Its rough knowing what to do and what not to do.

RELAX!!! You’ll get it all done, I’m sure. You have until October, right? Well it’s only the end of May which gives you four months clear to get the nursery and nappies and soakers made. I remember wanting to do it all myself and thinking it wouldn’t get finished. Deep breaths, deep breaths, and maybe block off some weeks of these four months just for knitting? Let’s see… maybe a timeline, the nursery done by the end of July, nappies sewed too by then… August deadline for soakers…would that help? Can you tell I’m an organizer??? :smiley: I think it’s gonna be fine, Tia. I can’t wait to find out if Bubba is boy or girl. I would like to have known ahead of time myself. I love classic Pooh Bear too. Sending you a hug, and reminding you to breathe deeply… :wink: samm

LOL … no hon… :smiley:

I’m sure I’ll get it all done… there’s just a lot to do… :smiley: We have a household of re-organisation and ‘baby safing’ to do… hehehe… :smiley:

I’m just having a pre-natal freak out… :smiley:

I’ll post on monday as to bub’s sex… :smiley: BIG post… promise :smiley:

I’m glad your doing well(apart from knitting)

Hm, maybe you could relax at night and make it that at night you are to do NOTHING except knit?(I tend to knit or crochet at night, helps me sleep better)

I can’t wait to find out your babies sex :smiley: :thumbsup: