OT: just got my hand slapped

Funny story: I live in a neighborhood of 75 homes and there is a home brewing club in my neighborhood (nobody is offended by it here). One morning we were leaving and went past the head brewer’s house and he had all of the stuff in his garage out on his driveway and was hosing the inside of the garage down. Evidently something went awry and blew up with the beer. The beer was washing down the street. These guys brew serious amounts of beer. Funny thing is, one of them is an FBI agent. :roflhard:

Oh, such silliness. Truly, I didn’t read your post here because I don’t like beer and have no interest in brewing it or any other alcohol in my home. I prefer my liquour in pretty glasses being served to me. :slight_smile: but I can’t see what’s so offensive about asking about it if it’s something that interests you. what, exactly, did the person say to you? “i’m offended”?

[color=blue]Too funny :doh: but oh the mess … we bought 2 of our fementing bottles from a gentleman who ended up steaming all of the paper off his kitchen while brewing -this did not impress his wife lol… which, I think, led to him selling us his bottles … can be messy (knock on wood) we have had nothing blow up!

anne [/color]

I can’t believe someone was offended by your post. It’s not like you drank your home brewed beer, took off your top and posted a picture. (You didn’t do that, right? :wink:)

I am a minister’s wife, I don’t drink, and I wasn’t offended or even bothered by your thread. It sounded like you were having fun coming up with new flavors.

It also sounded like you were a grown up, of legal age, and weren’t doing anything illegal or, to be honest, even slightly rebellious.

Just ignore the party pooper.


[color=blue] :roflhard: Nope never take my shirt off in public lol… too dang cold here for one thing :roflhard: -6 this morning. Thank you–hugs, anne[/color]