OT: just got my hand slapped

Hi everyone… I just wanted to apologize if I offended anyone with my Home brew question… I just got my hand slapped on a cooking forum for asking the same question… it got me thinking that I may have offended folks here too. If so please accept my apologies. :pout:


Why in the world would someone object to such a question? Especially on a cooking forum. After all, brewing is a form of cooking.

In my experience some forums seem to be populated by a number of authoritarian stuffed shirts. I’ve quit a couple of forums due to such people.

I was a bit confused, I have to admit. Made me feel bad that I might have offended folks though. I have always enjoyed the southern cooking forum in the past. This forum has spoiled me I guess. :hug:


Yeah, that’s really odd. :?? As long as everyone respects each others opinion and is kind we have no problem with it. :heart:

I read that thread and I can’t really see how if would’ve offended someone, I really though there was nothing wrong with it. Maybe the person is against drinking, but that doesn’t mean they need to get offended about you asking a question about your new hobby. Its not like you were pushing anything on anyone. I think that’s pretty weird but I guess everyone’s entitled to their own opinions (however wrong they may be. :teehee: Just kidding!)


I agree with all above posts. your thread here isn’t offensive to me. if I don’t like it, I can just choose not to read it. the title clearly states what it’s about. sorry some a**es on that cooking board treated you that way. some people aren’t happy unless they’re power tripping.


Seriously… I don’t see what’s wrong with that… Alcohol is not illegal in most countries, whether some people like it or not. Why are there always people who feel the NEED to impose their opinions on everybody else? I can’t stand that. :grrr:

I know many people who don’t drink and I never felt they “disapproved” of my morality or anything like that. They made a choice, I respect that, and they respect me. How hard can it be??? :shrug:

I think I need a glass of wine now :teehee:

:roflhard: I second that Ingrid!

:roflhard: I second that Ingrid![/quote]

I third it!

I don’t get offended by anything unless it’s a bunch of people that are treating a poster like an idiot. That is why I just left a forum, it just became so negative it became ridiculous.

But…posting about something about brewing isn’t the least bit offensive if you ask me.

:roflhard: I second that Ingrid![/quote]

I third it![/quote]

I’m betting that I am already way ahead of all three of ya. :chair:

I don’t even drink! But by golly, if you want to make beer in the bathtub, it’s nobody’s business!!

My mother’s family used to make it in the tub. :teehee:

Sounds to me like the cooking forum needs to rediscover what is involved with regards to food and cooking. My opinion is, if you posed the ??? at the cooking forum like you did here, it is no different than asking how much burgundy goes in Boeuf Bourginon. You ought to ask that on the forum and I bet you everyone answers it. I am afraid someone(s) on the forum needs an attitude adjustment and I think you should hunt around for another cooking forum.

BTW, I hate beer, despise it in fact, but the blackberry stuff sounds intriguing.

I wouldn’t give it another thought. Let us know how your batch turns out!


I think we spend way too much time worrying about the little things in life.


anyone who disloves beer enough to get angry with you for even mentioning it probably deserves a sympathy card of some sort, right?

are you making a lambic, or an ale? stout?
people are curious.

hope it’s good!

you should not worry so much… if anything we come across on topics that we do not like or offended… we move on and read the others… everyone got the choice here … just like if i happened to offend someone here… they can either let me know how they feel about my forum or they just move on reading others forum whom they find interesting… :happydance:

No offense taken here. The topic didn’t appear to be one that I knew anything about or had any real interest in, so I must confess I didn’t even read it. :oops:

[color=blue] :hug: I can not believe the response I am getting here ( I guess I should have expected it by now)… thank you all so much–such a warm wonderful group of folks you are. :heart: To answer the question of what beer we are making next–the thought is a blackberry Wheat Ale with pureed fruit-we made Raspberry Wheat with liquid flavoring but would like to try “real” fruit this time. The last batch made was Scottish Ale-The sugar called for was dark brown sugar. A very smooth ale… just sweet enough- good winter beer. I am not a huge beer fan, but it is so much fun brewing. It is a bit like a science experiment. Different yeasts, sugars, hops… just fun-like cooking-not sure just how it is going to come out. :teehee:

Thank you all again for your words-wisdom.

anne [/color]