OT: Just che checking in

Broke down (again) in WI. Just checking in. Learned someone I’ve known for a few years committed suicide this morning and am a bit bummed out.

edit: sorry about the screw up in the title.

Real sorry about your friend. :frowning:

I am so sorry to hear about your friend, and the pain you are feeling.
I wish I had known you were in WI. I could have invited you over for dinner. (In what part were you?)

Im sorry about your friend…:grphug:

So sorry about your friend. Take care out there :hug:

Damn Mason, that’s tough. So sorry. ((HUG))

I am so sorry about your friend. And to leave a little one. :grphug:

So sorry, Mason. Be safe out there.

:grphug: Mason. That’s just so sad and awful.

:grphug: that’s rough!! I’m so sorry. :heart: to you, Mason.

Wondering whereabouts you were, Mason.

Sorry to hear about your friend - getting hit with something out of the blue like that is hard.

Oh no… I’m so sorry, Mason. :frowning:

So sorry for your loss Mason.