OT - Just another one of those curiousity questions

Each day I travel approximately 50 miles one way to work and back… that’s a lot of radio or quiet time. It got me thinking about the presets on my radio and my wide variety of tastes in music.

Here is what is on my radio presets:

1 ~ 105.5 - - - - - - Classic Rock (Jack FM)
2 ~ 104.3 - - - - - - Smooth Jazz (CD 104.3)
3 ~ 103.5 - - - - - - Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
4 ~ 98.5 - - - - - - Country (KYGO)
5 ~ 91.1 - - - - - - Contemporary Christian (KLOVE)
6 ~ 90.1 - - - - - - Classical / Orchestral

What’s on yours?

1- NPR and classical from Kent State -WKSU
2 -NPR and jazz from Cleveland - WCPN
3- Classical - WCLV
4- WOBC - Oberlin 's college radio
5- WCSU - Cleveland State’s college radio
6 - WRUW - Case Western Reserve’s college radio

oh course, I know exactly where the oldies station is on the dial too!

Well … let’s see:

Preset A:
92.3 - r&B, rap, hip-hop
95.5 - r&b, rap, hip-hop
93.9 - r&b, rap
97.9 - rock
104.3 - jazz
106.5 - lite rock (?)

Preset B:
99.1 - latin
99.5 - hip-hop
107.5 - rock, pop (?)
??.? - classical (can’t remember the numbers; just discovered the station)
88.9 - college radio that plays mostly jazz and some classical
98.3 - pop

1610 (?) - Traffic station.

Hey Joel - isn’t it cool that we get the same station… 104.3!!! :happydance:

1 - 99.7 Alternative (but really it’s turning into OLDIES alternative - it’s about to get bumped down the line)
2. 100.5 Top 40 - great morning radio!
3. 105.3 Alternative (they are about to get switched to #1 cause my ears spend the most time here…)
4. 94.9 Top 40- a little too talky talky for me but decent muzac
5. 95.5 Dance Music
6. 88.7 College Radio Station
7. 96.1 Classic Rock
8. 103.3 Hip Hop
9. 104.1 Jazz
10. 94.1 Lite “Rock” but more like stuff my parents listened to when I was a kid- great stress reliever when I was commuting 20 miles one way each day but spending an hour plus in gridlock!!

ummm…for as much as i love music i rarely listen to the music stations.

I mostly use my XM radio wherever i am driving. The main station i listen to is Air America. I listen to that until i just can’t take anymore…and mostly that is just the weekends when they are doing reruns. Then i put on the country stations. i have about 20 presets on that thing and i only know the Air America, CNN, BBC, and Nashville numbers…lol

as far as regular radio the only other one i really listen to is the one that broadcasts whatever happens to be on NBC at the moment. use to be it was for the Today show. now i listen to Medium when i am on my way home from my p/t job …otherwise it is back to the XM! :thumbsup:

let me see if I remember.

88.5 ?
91.? jazz
94.5 lite rock
104.9 alternative
105.3 alternative
106.5 top 40/alternative

103.7 jazz
97.3 alternative I guess
103.3 Santa Clara University
99.? '60s and '70s

there’s also an FM2 but I don’t know if I’ve programmed them all. I mostly listen to CDs. my friend give me a hard time, since they all have Sirius or XM, or use their iPods in the car.

I don’t have xm, but whenever I’m in my mother/stepfather’s car I like these xm stations

#20 top 20 (?)
#27 cinema station
#?? the city
#?? the flow
#62 suite 62
#?? rhyme
#?? Caliente
#?? alegrio (?)

Haven’t yet ventured to more of the stations… no who drives w/ me seems to like the variety of my taste. :rollseyes:

OMG I wish I had XM! If so, I would be listenin to constant SHOW TUNES!!!

But, for now:

101.1 (Q101) because Mancow in the morning helps me wake up by making me a little bit angry, and I like their new alternative music “shuffle” format…music from the 80’s, 90’s and current.

91.5 (NPR) That’s where I get my news, and I LOVE being exposed to things & ideas that I might not otherwise hear,REALLY interesting talk programs, “theater” and short story programs, Word Jazz, World Music…VERY cool stuff!

105.9 (WCKG ) I only listen to this at night for “Loveline”. I need voices as Im falling asleep (although Word Jazz on Sunday nights is the BEST for that!)

That’s most of what I ever listen to…If I MUST flip through stations, Ill flip through the lite rock stations.

oooh i love falling asleep to Mike Malloy…every so often when he gets worked up he screams “HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY HOW MUCH I HATE THESE B&ST$%DS?!”

it makes me smile and think that someday things may be allllllllll right with the world again :roflhard:

oooh and that reminds me…Showtunes IS one of the presets…i believe it is #8 on the B list (all the music is on B…talk radio is on A :D)

  1. 95.5 r&b
  2. 104.7 r&b
  3. 101(?) i don’t know what specifaic that they play byt sometimes rarely that have something
  4. 91.5 (?) christian talk
  5. 107.5 (?) pop i think rarely listen to it.
  6. there another one i just dont remember

i bascially go back and forth between 1 & 2


  1. 1600 Gospel
  2. 1010 Christain
  3. 590 Gospel
  4. 550 talk
  5. 1120 talk
    and some other one

I love seeing everyone’s music preferences! Neat question Joel!

  1. 91.9 - Christian
  2. 94.1 - 80’s

The ones in the middle I don’t know really. They’re ones that DH has set - usually country so that he can listen to the races on the weekends.

  1. 106.5 - alternative rock

Talk Radio ALL THE WAY…
I’m a big Glenn Beck fan… Love Dr. Laura… ((Don’t care for Rush though)

My favorite radio station is SCAN and wait for a song I like to come on. :wink: