OT--Just about fell off my chair on this one

Just need to type “something” to get my bearings backkkk…umm I love going on a certain “celebrity gossip site”, this a.m. (thank god I had my coffee already) there is a post about Dave Navarro posing for a Peta Ad…anyway (out of extreme curiosity) umm and wanting to see his body…I clicked it, well during the “photo” shoot… and Dave talking… suddenly a horrible video began, showing extreme cruelty (I think cause I closed my eyes and couldn’t close the site fast enough) to animals for “fur” umm with audio…:passedout: :waah: dam, I wish there was a warning before I opened it…cause now I am spent!!!

Oh you poor thing! I HATE animal cruelty, but the way some of these groups go about their ads and such is just WRONG. I agree, there should have been some sort of warning for something like that. What happened to tact in America?

It succumbed to bad taste and manners about the time South Park began to air on Comedy Central.

I am not “complaining” about PETA…it was “part” of the “photo shoot” as Dave was explaining how he “changed” his opinion on “fur”…then they(as part of the ad) began to “roll” the actual footage of “executions”…I just didn’t expect that!!! :aww: I just wanted to see a nice bod:teehee: …

Yeah, I kind of lost any respect I had for PETA when they ran that ad campaign where they juxtaposed images of slaughtered pigs with images from Nazi death camps.

As to wanting to check out the hot bod, can’t say I blames ya :wink:

Seeing Dave half-naked would be enough for me to ralph up my breakfast. :eek:

there was once tact in America?!?!?

Also PETA are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. They preach about not wanting to kill animals, but they themselves have actually euthanized thousands of animals under their care. They have threatened violence on animal testing facilities, and then commit euthanasia when they can’t figure out what to do with the animals they have “rescued”.

My two cents

gasp* Blaspheme. How could you say something so horrible about my husband/wife (depending on how masculine or femanine he’s feeling that day). Dave is gorgeous.

This is potentially a hot topic so lets be mindful of the forum guidelines and each others opinions. :thumbsup:

HuH? If you read the beginning of my “topic” I was using the forum to “vent” as most people do here…Not sure what “HOT” means…Peta or Dave?

Sending you a PM, Cheley.

Responded too you

Cheley, I feel bad for you. I would have been horrified ‘to see’ the animal cruelty. Maybe they think folks “won’t really get it” unless they see it with their own eyes. I “get it” but I can’t watch it.

You know, speaking of how sissy I am…when we’re watching National Geographic station, I have to turn the channel when a predator is gonna kill its dinner. It’s a purely natural process, but I just cannot watch it. The other night, there was an Orca Special on TV, with the theme being “how the mother Orca teaches her young to hunt/kill”. I couldn’t watch it. I feel so bad for the little blubberettes (seals). Yet I know that the Orca is doing what is entirely natural. I just can’t watch it. I admit, I’m a total sissy. I don’t want the lion or the Orca to starve, I know they need to eat, but I feel so bad for the prey.

I better stay away from the places where our ‘meat’ is killed and processed, eh? I’m not a vegetarian, nor do I object to meat-eating. It’s just that I can’t watch the poor things being killed or slaughtered.

I do my best to direct everyone I know to NOT SUPPORT puppy mills by the purchase of puppies from places and people who could well be selling puppies from a ‘mill’. I know the poor little things need a home, but as long as there is money in it, the puppy mills will continue to abuse the momma dogs and crank out those puppies.

Anyway, try to erase the scenes from your mind’s eye. Eventually they will become dimmer.

Me too! I can’t stand watching the animals die! We get a quarter-cow from a farmer and I hate it when we get the updates on the death process of our beef. Yuck! I love the beef, but really, you don’t need to tell me when they are getting slaughtered, hung and cut up! I’d like to think of a pretty little cow in the field and then my freezer full of fresh beef. That’s it. Skip the middle!

Thank you Artlady…I am soo glad “you” understood the “jest” of this post…exactly… I was totally caught off guard…I have been a vegetarian for 20 years…and yes I can not watch aminals going after their lunch!!! Although I do love animals…My post was not to start any anti-anything…It AGAIN…caught me off guard and I was “told” that this is a controversial topic, if I wanted to have a “forum” on this matter, I would not choose a Knitting Site—even a General Forum (knitting):hug:

Dude makes my skin crawl, but as they say, there’s no accounting for taste. I tend to like clean-cut, non tattoed, non-dread lock/hippie kind of dudes but that’s me. My good friend likes guys with long hair etc. :thumbsup:

As a strong supporter of rescue, and one who works in the rescue and rehoming of basset hounds, I can’t deal with animal cruelty of any kind. We see too much of it.

I, too, cannot watch the National Geographic or other shows where it shows the preditor going after their supper. I don’t want them to starve either but I just can’t watch it. I don’t think that makes us sissy’s, just tenderhearted.

Even with my strong support of animals, and animal rights I have no use for PETA personally. They discust me.

I date a dairy farmer and really admire the care he takes of his animals. He won’t tolerate cruelty of any kind towards his cows and has fired people for hitting them. That said he is also practical and will kill and butcher a cow who is otherwise healthy but down some reason. I’ve been there for that process and while I have a hard time with it I appreciate the fact that it’s done humanely.

Just my two cents for what it’s worth.

I am really bothered by animal cruelty as well. There are a lot of things that bother me, commercial farming being one of them. By commercial I mean mass commercial farming. I have friends who are local farmers who I know take good care of their animals, but when it gets to a mass scale it bothers me.

I’m not a vegetarian yet, but I do tend to eat very little meat. I try to find meat substitutes if I can. My partner however is entirely vegetarian. I am comfortable with the idea of eating meat. We see it in the animal kingdom all the time, and humans nothing if not just another animal, so I’m ok with meat eating. I just don’t like the idea of how meat makes it to my table. I’d rather go to a farmer and buy a cow and have it butchered than go to the store and buy soemthing that I have no clue where it came from.

One of the things that really bothers me is how quickly Michael Vic was pulled back to the Eagles after what he did. I mean I’m all for second chances, but he did nothing to redeem himself. He should have been required to volunteer at animal shelters and rescues and donate to help stop what he was propogating. Instead, we gave him a football career with the potential to make millions of dollars a year. I love how we trade our morals and ethics for winning and greed.

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