OT: Just A Few Photos

Hey everyone! Am spending the weekend resting up in a motel in Kentucky. I really needed the rest.

I’ve been knitting up some various pipe holsters and am working on a design for a sort of hanging knit pipe rack sort of thing. It’s turning out to be more challenging than I had first thought it would be, but am enjoying the challenge.

Just wanted to share a few photos I’ve taken with my new camera lately.

One of my recent loads:

The look of Wisconsin last week:

A small pond mext to a truck stop on the FL/GA line:

Some new pipes I’ve picked up:

A wonderful old fashioned English pipe tobacco. I love this stuff!

Hi Mason! :waving:

That is quite the pipe collection!

Wisconsin looks quite lovely. I do miss snow, being from the CHicago area, but not so much as to go through a whole winter again.

Have fun with the pipe holsters. I knit two scarves right before CHristmas and have a little bit of tendonitis. I also got lots of books gifted to me so I think I’ll take a break to read for a while.

Do you ever listen to podcasts or audiobooks on the road? I checked out Dracula the Undead on audiobook by Dacre Stoker, Bram Stoker’s great grandson and thought it was quite good, if you like that sort of literature.

Have a nice stop-over in KY this weekend!

Those are nice pipes, Mason! My dad used to smoke a pipe many years ago. Had to give up smoking altogether about 12 yrs ago… emphysema and COPD. :zombie:

Those are great pictures! What kind of camera did you get? Christmas present to yourself?

Thanks, my pipe collection is growing by leaps and bounds.

Personally I like snow ok, it’s the cold I can’t stand :rofl:

I did listen to a lot of audio books while driving but the CD player in my stereo broke and I haven’t bothered to replace it yet. I do a lot of reading of actual books when I am parked for the night.

Sorry about the tendinitis. I hope it heals up soon.

Thanks. Sorry about your father. He must have been one of those rare pipe smokers who inhale. Most of us don’t.

The camera is an Olympus FE-46. Not an overly expensive camera but not too bad either. Not a Christmas present but just a replacement for my previous camera that passed on to the great electronic repair room in the sky.

Mason, where oh where do you fiind the Squadron Leaders tobacco, I’ve never seen it here, and my DH would love the tin.

He no longer smokes anything, because of the MS meds he’s on, but that tin is special.

Your pictures are great, I miss all the different places we’d travel to when I drove. Don’t miss being gone from home all the time though, or being thought a lot lizard. :rofl:

Have you thought about buying one of the portable CD players the truck stop stores sell? As I recall, they’re under fifty bucks, and hook into your stereo system.

If you are ever In NYC there is restaurant called Keens where they have old pipes hanging from the ceilings. I think they call them Churchwarden pipes. If you go to the website for Keens Steakhouse you can see them. Its quite a collection.
ps the food is great too.

Squadron leader is sold is most tobacconist shops that sell imported tobacco. It’s made in England by a rather small tobacconist called Samuel Gawith. They only ship to the US a few times a year. They just recently shipped some over.

You can also find it at many online tobacco vendors.

Actually I do have one of those portable CD players, but it’s a real pain to hook it to the FM transmitter. That costs me two 12V outlets to do that and that means disconnectin two other devices that I like to have running all the time (GPS units).

I’ll eventually have a new stereo installed. In the meantime I enjoy spending some time in the evenings smoking a pipe and reading an actual book. I am currently re-reading the entire Sherlock Holmes collection.

Thanks, I’ve been there once. A bit expensive by non-NYC standards but the food was excellent and as I recall they had some superb high-end scotches.

Yes, the long stemmed pipes are called churchwardens, I own a couple of them myself.

Your pipes are really beautiful works of art, Mason!
You are getting as bad as me with my knitting needle collection!

QUICK QUESTION: does a pipe smoker inhale the smoke?
I’ve heard that cigar smokers mainly just puff and puff, with little inhaling except for the air surrounding them. I know that cigarette smokers ONLY INHALE…but was truly wondering about pipe smokers.

I always enjoy hearing your adventures, Mason. I wouldn’t want to sit by that alligator pond though!

Nice pipes. Did you show us your holsters at all yet? I look forward to seeing what knitted ones you come up with.

Happy New Year Mason! Stay warm.

wow what a neat place! If I get to NYC I want to eat there at Keens