OT ~ Jealous of Illinois

first of all there are just so many of you there that you get to play together in the yarn so often but tonight i find myself jealous, yet again, of the fact you have such a wondiferous senator. I just got home from our annual fund-raising dinner where Barack was the keynote speaker and i must say, that we are 3 hours after the dinner began and I would happily still be listening to him speak! What a great evening we had (even though they did serve us steak! :frowning: ) and just listening to him reminds me of why i do the things i do! You people’s are so lucky!!! (Dick Durbin is a pretty good guy too…he just doesn’t come and visit us! :rofling: )

Glad ya had fun :wink: nowww on to what I’ve been hearing about lately…was the outfit a big hit?? gonna wear it Monday?? was it comfy?? :rofling:

lol well i made a slight change to it because the shirt just didn’t look right with it but yes…it was very comfortable and no probably not on monday! And i did get several compliments so all is good! :thumbsup:

I agree, Illinois is lucky to be represented by that young fella (coming from a girl living in Santorum’s state - GAG). And it is exceptionally lucky to be filled with such lovely knitters! :thumbsup:

i almost moved there just for him!!! and the taxes…