OT: Jan

Did your daughter make it home yet? Keeping my fingers crossed.

I posted in my KH blog thread, but I should have posted here, too. YES! She did make it home, but it wasn’t easy. She couldn’t make it to the airport because the shuttle canceled and no taxis were driving so she changed her flight to a later time to give them time to clear the roads. She was still having trouble getting there and was on hold with Virgin Airlines for a couple hours when a friend said he’d drive her. Her flight left while she was on the way there. She ended up having to fly standby because all the flights were sold out. Fortunately for her (unfortunately for someone else) she got on an afternoon flight and finally made it home. :thumbsup:

Thanks for asking! :hug:

WOW, I had thought about posting to ask, but listening to all the news reports it didn’t sound like she had a chance of making it so decided I’d better not ask !

Glad she made it home safely and hope her return trip goes smoother :woot:

Glad she made it, enjoy your time :grphug: