OT: Its all over

Graduation, that is. We made it through - his speech went very well, nobody tripped and fell, I dealth with the inlaws and the outlaws, granny got there with her oxygen, sufficient tickets materialized…Next step, the announcements and the party!

You know…I think the dreaded anticipation of these events uses up more of our energy than the actual event. Too bad we can’t remember that from event to event.


You must be very proud!! :happydance:

:cheering: Glad to hear that all went well!! :cheering:

WOW!! Great news…but it wore me out just thinking about it!! Truth be told, I’m glad both of mine have done all their graduating!! Next–if I can just see my grandchildren graduate—and let THEIR parents deal with the stress–I’ll be thrilled!! :shock:

:cheering: Glad to hear it!