OT - It was an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny apartment

Space is a premium here in European cities - When I first moved out of home I lived in a bedsit - or studio apartment as they are now want to be called.

It was a large(ish) room with high ceilings (victorian era building) with one very large sash window. I could fit a double bet in one corner facing the door - a double wardrobe at the end of the bed to hide it as you entered the room. A small sofa, a small chest of drawers. There was a two ring electric cooker (baby belling) and a sink. The bathroom was shared with the other “studio’s” in the house - it was not the most pleasant of places but it was OK as a first place out on my own.

The next place I rented was a one bedroom apartment in the roof of a house - I was there with my fiance and it was truly horrible. The roof tiles had slipped the owner wouldn’t do anything about it - it was freezing cold and mould grew up the walls.

The next place, we bought a 1 and half bedroom flat. Then we split and now I own my own two bedroom flat (apartment).

The more room you have the more space you fill. Trust me - I moved into my current place with a single bed, a chair and a baby belling. Now I keep thinking I need a bigger place :roflhard:

Yep, those Parisian apts. are quite small! And the Euro being US$1.27 or so, it’s not cheap!!! LOL

I visited France 5 times (hopefully 6 this year) and I must say I wouldn’t want to live in Paris. A small village somewhere in the countryside? Yes, of course, but I found Paris too city-ish. LOL I couldn’t live in NY either though. (I guess that why I moved from So Cal to Colorado Springs)

as horrible as i would find that to be now, when i was first out on my own in the world, i think that would have been wunnerful! just imagine the fun stories you will have for parties when you are older telling of the horrible little flat/closet you were living in while living in Paris…you will be amazingly facinating to all your friends! :thumbsup: