OT - It was an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny apartment

So, I’m looking at apartments in Paris (I will get there someday! I WILL!) just for fun and I’m looking at the cheapest places I can find.

this is cute

so is this

and this

Did any of you ever start out in apartments like this when you were first on your own?

I could never live in a place that small! Where would you put the yarn?


YARN? where would you put your …arse when you want to sit down?! i thought my first apartment was small-ish but it was practically a penthouse compared to those! :shock:


there is a show but I can’t remeber on what channel… where they show what you can get for the same amt in different parts of the country… and they had an apt about that small and the couple actually made it work… the ways they came up for space were really surprising… they wanted a NYC apt so bad they just didn’t care so I think if ya really want to live in Paris you could make it work :thumbsup:

I’ve never seen anything quite that small! :shock: I guess if you were by yourself you could make do for a short time, but long term… I don’t think so. It also depends on how much stuff you have, too.

OMG, I lived in a space that small!!! I had an efficiency apartment in the town where I went to college. I wish I had a picture, but I really don’t think I ever took any. My bed was built loft-like into a stairway. The bed was about halfway between the floor and ceiling, so I used the top part of the staircase as a bookcase and the bottom part as my shoe rack. It had a small counter with a sink and some cupboards and the bathroom was just a toilet and shower, and you had to step over the toilet to get into the shower. There was a door on the “bathroom” but you couldn’t close it because when you sat on the toilet, your legs would be in the other “room”. But, hey, it was cheap and really I wasn’t actually there much. It worked for me then, but I can’t imagine it now!!! :roflhard:

Did any of you ever start out in apartments like this when you were first on your own?

No, I’d have had more room living in my car! :lol:

Seriously, if you really, REALLY want to live in Paris and can’t afford anything bigger…well, I guess you should go for it. I’ve visited Paris and wouldn’t want to live there, so I’m not the best source for encouragement here.

But I love the idea of paring down and reducing the clutter. I suppose living in a teeny tiny place would force one to do that. :wink:

I’ve learned to live with much, and I’ve learned to live with little.
I’ve been to Paris and I would love to live there. There is a feeling to the city. The art o the art!
The only other place I have felt it as strong was San Francisco, and I was surprised because it is such a baby compared to Paris.

I really like the space over the Library. The third link. Very cool.

What is the American cost for that one?

:smiley: You can make it work! Organization, using things for muliple tasks…it can be done, and it can be quite cute :wink: Like dusti said, there’s a show on tv that organizes small spaces…quite nicely. If it’s your dream to go to Paris and you need to start out small, go for it…dream away, dreams do come true :wink:
I liked the 3rd one, too :thumbsup:

If I was single w/o a kid, I’d totally go for it.
When I was a senior in hs I moved out of my parents place and got a studio in Manhattan. OMGosh, it was itty bitty. But, you learn to live with it. I loved it there. There was so much to do, so much culture. I would not have traded that year of living on my own for anything.
I say go for it. If you doesn’t work out, at least you know that you tried. One of my biggest fears is waking up one morning wondering “What if…”, you know?

I like the third one, particularly. That apt. is about the size of my office, and I could live in that if I were in PARIS! It is one of my favorite cities on the planet–the food, the art, the music, the history…the…Parisness! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

C’est tres Parisian, non? It’s right above a bookstore too! :smiley: As a writer/reader, I find that to be absolutely delish.

Mon Dieu! Petite chambre!!

But it’s livable indeed.
I lived with my Grandmother for 4 years, and all of my stuff was somehow tucked into a small room, which I had to share with a way too large bed and my Mom’s old piano.

The clever use of boxes and stacked storage was a life saver. Had no idea of how many things I had managed to keep in that room until the day I moved and the piles of stuff where positively overwhelming.


My bedroom is bigger than those apartments.

I’m claustrophobic… I could never live in something that small.

But, I guess when you want something bad enough, you’ll do what you can…

Good luck with it…

None of those buildings have elevators, and those apartments are on the 5th and 6th floors. Moving in furniture won’t be fun, but with a space that small, it will only fit one or two pieces of furniture, so that’s a bonus. How’s your French? In the French description for the first apartment, it mentions that it has no shower. Ewww!

The apartments are very small, but you could make it work. The adventure of living in Paris would make living in such a small space worth it.

I have pretty good French, and it gets better after I’ve been in France for a few days. After a week, during Spring break, I was getting close to being fluent except for my miniscule vocabulary.

I’m Canadian, and did a French Immersion program starting in first grade. I can converse easily with somebody from Quebec or from French areas of the Maritimes, but I can’t understand a France-French accent at all. Parisian French is even harder to decipher than the French of somebody from other cities in Paris. Even the people I work with who speak French as their first language have a rough time understanding Parisian French.

What will you be doing in France?

I don’t know, honestly. It’s in the future for now. Looking at apartments is just sort of how I remind myself that it IS possible - People rent apartments all the time. First I’m going to get a degree in Linguistics with a minor in French. I’d like to become good enough at French to work in an office setting while I work on my novel. And, of course, knit.

I’ve lived in a couple of tiny studio apartments, but they all had their own shower and toilet. I’m thinking “WC sur le palier” means you share the toilet on the landing?