OT: It Doesn't Get Real Cold In Texas

I’ve lived in Texas for 34 years now, grew up in Idaho and Wyoming in the Yellowstone area, and I’m just not used to so much of this cold, white stuff anymore.

It’s much thicker now, but I’ll be hung if I’ll go out there. I froze taking a few pictures and movies. The dogs aren’t going out until their teeth are swimming, poor things.

Oh dear. It’s like that every other weekend here in New England…lol.

Looks much better than our two feet on the ground right now. Hopefully it will melt soon.

I laughed at this little bit of snow. What if you lived in Alaska?! Actually this is a very low snow year up north in the Interior where I am. We have had some minus 30 to 40 but not as much as usual. Even up to 22 today. We’re having a heat wave but should be down to minus 25 by Friday night. Just inspires you to knit more.

If I still lived in Wyoming I would be laughing at this stuff. I remember it snowing about this much on my birthday in June once. However, I have acclimated fully to Texas and find I’m much more comfortable on a sweltering day, trying to stay cool (boy am I an expert at that) than trying to do anything in ice and snow. I know what I can’t do, and function in that is at the top of that list. :slight_smile:

After I saw snow in Ft. Worth on Easter (mid-April), I just try to keep in mind that anything can happen with Texas weather.