OT: Interweave Press Hurt Book Sale follow-up

Has anyone received their books yet? I was just wondering how long it usually takes to get them. Ya know, kind of anxious to look at all the patterns and get knitting!

I have not yet received my “hurt” books (it’s now 3 weeks since I made the purchase) and wonder if they are being shipped surface mail? If that’s the case, it will be WEEKS before they arrive here in Australia… :frowning: I’d also be interested in hearing when anyone else receives their orders as this is the first time I’ve purchased any books from Interweave Press’s hurt book sale.

Hi Jill,

I just got my books yesterday–they came via FedEx. I had sent an e-mail to the company, and they told me to allow at least 3 weeks before I saw them. Hopefully you’ll get yours soon! And, in my opinion, there’s nothing “hurt” about them–mine were all fine, so I believe we got some great deals!

Hope you get yours soon–if you don’t get them by the end of the week, I would say to at least send them an e-mail and they should respond.

I got mine last week - friday, i think? Maybe saturday?

Mine are “hurt” at all either from what i can tell.


Got them yesterday–FedX as well. No HURT in mine either–but I didn’t get the main one I wanted – they said it was already gone. Oh well!

I didn’t take advantage of this sale but i did the last one. I have actually put more hurt on m books than there was on the ones I got. There were little scuffs but nothing that they couldn’t have gotten in shipping.

one of them gave me an ugly paper cut the other day though! :nails:

I got mine at least a week ago. One cover had a dent, but the other 3 were fine, just shelf worn. Maybe one slightly torn corner? One was a return from a shop (partial sticker still on it), but the others were new.

Mine shipped the day I paid 7/26.

Mine came via Fed EX on Friday… great condition… my cat did more damage trying to read the other book than anything they might have thought wrong. Why do cats have to try to open everything? gezz but i love the books!

I guess that I was lucky. I got mine in about a week. They are in perfect condition.