OT: Intelligence Test

This might have been around already. I have a thing for brain teasers and such, thought it was fun Intelligence Test

i only got 7: somewhat intelligent. :pout:

can we see the answers for the ones we missed?

ETA: i just got 5 more! INTELLIGENT! :happydance:

i didn’t see an answer key, which was disturbing. i got 24 and i REALLY would have loved to know the 9 i missed. i can PM you the ones i got if you want so it would be some of the answers anyway…

i’ll ask u to PM me later, i’m still trying to get a few more :teehee:

ok, i think i’m done know. please PM me ur answer when u get the chance.

Wow, I cannot BELIEVE I got this one… 9 P in S A

So far I have 15!!

megan i am SO STUCK on that one! (don’t tell me!) but i just got up to 25. (5 t on a f) had me baffled.

I’ve gotten 23 so far! Thanks for the link!!

I just took a wild stab in the dark on it though… But pretty good for a 14yo eh?

I haven’t gotten that one yet, but I’m up to 23. sigh

Absolutely, Megan!!

26 so far.
Finally got 5 T on a F… duh :teehee:

kristin, glad i’m not the only one who missed that one! :wink: you’re the highest i’ve heard today so far too! (it was me until then. ;-))

I got 12! :cheering:

i was just thinking of posting about this test! a friend sent it today, and i got through 24 before giving up… page 2 is TOUGH. page 3 is TOUGHER. ick. just when i thought i was a genius… :shrug:

AHHHHH!!! 16!!!

13 S on the U S F

I’m surprised I did not get that one earlier… we were learning bout it today at school!!!

OMG there are MORE PAGES?! i just hit 26. :smiley:

27 now… Now I’m obsessed. I’ll get them all dang it! lol I love brain teasers! :cheering:

There’s MORE pages?? :help:

27 now, but i don’t think i have the zeal (or the answers) to make it through all 33. :wink:

2 more and I am a certified genius…then I can RULE THE WORLD!!! muahahaha!!!