OT: Important ? Without a Trace

I managed to close my eyes, just for a second, at the very end of the show and woke up to the news :wink: Does anyone know what happened to Cole?

Cole ended up telling the pastor of the church he was volunteering at that he was the one that had killed his son, and left him the address where he would be on a piece of paper and told the pastor to do with it what he felt he had to. The pator ended up giving the address to Cole’s old gang friend Orlando ( i think that was his name) and when the FBI showed up at the address/bus station, Orlando was walking with Cole with a gun in his side. the FBI told him to put the gun down, but he shot Cole, then the FBI shot Orlando. Cole was alive for a little bit and told the FBI agent to watch over the 14 yo boy he was trying to help (can’t remeber his name. :doh: ). The show ended with the boy packing up his bags and getting ready to go off to the school Cole was going to help him go to and the FBI agent giving him his card and phone numbers if he ever needed help or anything

Hope that helps!

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I love that show!

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