OT: I'm whooting~

Our son used to say that when he was young, and very upset. That’s how I feel today, found out our ONLY yarn shop, in Salem, OR,has closed down. This is the state capitol, and no yarn shop. Apparently, she couldn’t keep up the rent.

Now the closest one is thirty five miles away, thank God for the internet!

I feel your pain ! My closets yarn shops were at least 30min from my house. One was snotty and one was nice…guess which one closed a couple of years ago : ( It was very sad until a brand new LYS opened up about 5 min from my house and it is even nicer and lovlier than the one that closed.

Bummer. :frowning:

Re: Whooting… I’ve only heard that as a good thing, like with the fist pump and a “WOOT, WOOT!” :lol:

Was that Have You any Wool?? I visited there once, nice store.

Yes, Amy, it was. Only she got to the point where there was hardly any wool, and since she had such a poor selection, no one came in.

It was a nice store at one time.

Sad, so sad. Hope mine stays in biz. She does admit that she cannot compete with Walmart’s low prices for the lovely acrylic yarns though, so she specializes in the more expensive yarns.

That really stinks!!! I hope that they open another one.