OT: I'm not pregnant

But I have the oddest craving for sourkraut (sp) for dinner.

Who thinks of such things?

Oh well… its healthier than chocolate!!!

Oh, I sorry! Eat whatever you want, dear. :hug:

Or better yet, I’ll eat the chocolate for you. :teehee:

:zombie: :ick: I’d rather have chocolate! :teehee:

I love sourkraut, yummmm and kielbasa. Oh, I love that dinner. In fact I had it two nights ago.

Total comfort food for me.

And Jan you can have my portion of chocolate as I don’t like it. :teehee:


Donnn’t Likkkeee Chhocolaaate…

I don’t understand?!? What is this language you speak? :shrug:

:teehee: I always get that response. I’ve never liked sweets. When I was little, my mom couldn’t take away dessert because I wouldn’t eat it :shrug: (unless it’s lemon meringue, tart meringue).

She would take away my salad, and I would cry and cry.

Yea, I’m pretty much a freak of nature…You’d think I’d be all svelte 'n stuff for not eating sugar. But NOOOOOO, 'cause I eat salty chips. :teehee:

In fact I can’t even drink soda, it’s way to sweet, I have to guzzle like a gallon of water. I haven’t had a soda in probably 5 years. And it was cut with rum!

What’s wrong with wanting sauerkraut? Try baking pork chops with sauerkraut and sliced apples…mmm…

That sounds great! Thanks for the dinner idea :teehee: