OT: I'm meeting Tasha Tudor today!

I’m so excited! I’ve been meaning to mention it… I got tickets to go on a garden tour of her garden. It’s this afternoon!!

They don’t allow pictures of her or her property, but I’ll try to post a picture of my friend and I, since we’ll be dressing up in period costume (traditional if you visit Tasha Tudor).

I’m so excited! :happydance:

Oh wow! That’s awesome! Here’s hoping you can get your hands on a peice of original artwork… wouldn’t that be incredible? Have a great time!!

I have her Christmas book and always wax nostalgic when I look through it.

How old is Tasha? Maybe she’s one of those folks who have always seemed old! If anyone would appreciate knitting, I’m sure it is she.

Let us know how it goes!

Amy, you are so lucky. Wish i was going too…


Can’t wait to here all about the tour…

Am I the only on who has NO idea of whom we are speaking? I looked at the site and still no clue

yep i got artist out of the site…other than that this is the first time i have ever heard of her.

She’s an author and illustrator of children’s books. She’s like 90 years old and STILL writes and illustrates! :shock: Her works include The Secret Garden, multiple releases of The Night Before Christmas, and many fairy tales and mother goose stories.

Chances are she’s been a part of your life and you didn’t even know it. :wink:

And don’t forget Pumpkin Moonshine!!! :smiley: (My childhood fave!)

Chances are she’s been a part of your life and you didn’t even know it.

Well yes, yes she has. The Secret Garden was one of my favorite books as a child :heart:

Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone! xoxo

Yes, she’s a well known illustrator, and one of my idols since I first saw a special about her on PBS about 10 years ago. She lives as if she’s in the 1800’s, for the most part. She dresses in old clothes, which she sews herself, often from fabric she’s spun, dyed and woven herself. She knits, she spins, she makes baskets, she grows her own veggies and raises her favorite farm animals. She also has an elaborate dollhouse, puts on marionette shows for kids, or at least used to, and just has a wonderful, creative imagination. She really knows how to celebrate the seasons, and live with nature and with joy and festivity, you should see all of what she does for Christmas. She’s the ideal grandmother! Did I mention she cooks on a woodstove, and often in her open fireplace? She’s so cool.

But there’s a lot more to why I love her. To sum it up, she inspires me as an environmentalist, a nature lover, someone who likes to play, and as someone looking to create a simple home-based identity in this modern world. No I don’t intend to live or dress as in the 1800’s, but I wouldn’t mind having a home and life very much like hers. Just give me a gas stove instead of a wood stove in the kitchen! LOL.

I’ll give more details of why I love her, and details of the :heart: AMAZING :heart: visit, in my blog thread.