OT - I'm 40 today!

Yes, Cinco De Mayo is my birthday! Forty just doesn’t sound right, folks. I treated myself to a day at a spa (facial, massage, manicure & pedicure). It was grand.

Did I mention how forty doesn’t seem right? :shock:

Happy Birthday. :balloons:

Happy Birthday! It soulds like you had a great day so far!!

[size=7][color=indigo]Happy Birthday!!![/color][/size]

If 40 doesn’t seem right, just say you’re Twenty Twenty. :lol:

Happy birthday! My DH and I have this discussion quite often…like you’re still 18 in your head but the number on paper is just, well, wrong!!!

Happy birthday! Many happy returns of the day!


My coworker told me that when I turn 40 (apparently at midnight on the dot!) that I wont care what people think of me anymore…is this TRUE?? :mrgreen:

Happy Birthday! I turned 40 last August; come on in, the water’s great.
Yes, Kelly, you don’t care what people think after you’re 40. I think that’s the age you grow up. :smiley:

:balloons: :balloons: :present: :present: :balloons: :present: :balloons: [color=indigo][size=7]HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MY FRIEND!!![/size][/color]
40 is the new 30…no, excuse me…I believe I’ve heard people say that 50 is the new 30…so YOU are much younger than u thought!!

Gardenia, you are a very blessed, young woman, to have the privilege to tell people that u r forty!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
Did that work?..I really meant it, I did and I do, I really believe it, today…but crap like that didn’t sound right when my friends said it when I turned 40! I’m 46 now…and 1/2 the time I can’t remember how old I am…lol…just messing with ya!! So…last nite, in the wee hours of the morning, in the dark of night…did your ‘friends’ come & decorate your yard like a graveyard & put up signs about u being old as dirt & 40 and what not?..then start beeping the horn to wake you and the neighbors up?!..Mine did…so just think…u got off lightly…lol…lolLOL :roflhard: :roflhard: my friends didn’t do all that stuff ‘last nite’…they did it the nite before my 40th bday…what did i tell ya…i’m just nutz!

You are a blessed and BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!

[color=indigo][size=6]40 is but a state of mind!!..the BEST OF YOU is yet to come!![/size][/color]

HB! Welcome to the club. :happydance:

Happy birthday!! :present:

Hmm, maybe the knitting fairy will visit for your bday and leave lots o’ knitty gifts?? :wink:


[color=red][/color][size=7][/size]Happy Birthday!!! :balloons: :balloons:

Tell us what kind of cool gifts you got :smiley:

My BF’s birthday was yesterday too…he turned 29.

Wow! Thanks everyone! You all are awesome. No, my friends didn’t decorate my house and beep horns. Whew, I don’t know if I could have handled it! That’s funny, Rebecca. Did your friends really do that??

The “spa day” was a gift to myself, and as I said, a great way to spend the day. I think JiveWhistle asked about gifts: I got a big, pretty flower arrangement from an admirer. :eyebrow: Dear friend sent a $50 Amazon gift certificate – imagine all the knitting books I can buy! I think my parents have the Vogue Ultimate Knitting book waiting for me at their house (the big fat one). Oh, and my swift arrived yesterday; another gift to myself. Best of all, my friend had a baby today. :smiley:

To answer Kelly’s question, I don’t know if you stop caring what people think of you at 40. I think that does happen over time, probably slowly, though. I still care, but definitely not as much as when I was younger.

In case anyone is wondering why I’m at home tonight, I had plans to meet a friend for drinks but I was so relaxed after the spa day, I decided to stay in and relax. OK, I fell asleep!

Thanks so much for all the good wishes. You all are the best! :cheering:

Happy birthday gardenia! I still have 51 minutes to make my post. Glad I didn’t miss it. It’s still the 5th here!

Hey Silver, I thought those birthday presents were going to be links to some surprise gifts :mrgreen:

gardenia, it’s too bad it’s my bedtime now, otherwise I’d set you up with some great “surprises” :heart:

Glad to hear you had a great b-day!

Gardenia, I hope you had a superbly wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Going along with what Kelly asked, I’ve found that each year after I turned 40 (50 will be my next one), I’ve cared less and less what others think of me. It isn’t that I care less about others, but I no longer need their approval to be happy with me the way I did when I was younger. If I know I’m being the best God created me to be (or at least trying!), that’s enough for me. Boy, does that take a load of pressure off of your life! :thumbsup:

:cheering: :cheering: here, here, rennagayle (my next is 47) and no truer words were ever spoken…a wise woman u are, indeed…listen to her, girls…she spoke wisdom!!!
Gardenia…sounds as if you had a wonderful bday…YAY for you :sunny:
I bet that you have FUN at Amazon!!
FYI…yes, my friends did that to me (of course, I had done it to them before, actually got the ball rolling on different ones here & there…my goodness, my sister’s [10 yrs older than I] yard was actually decorated like a cemetery, R.I.P. all up & down her route to work; black wreath on her door; black streamers thrown thru out her trees…like when u roll with tp; signs like ‘lordy, lordy carolyn’s 40’ all along her route to work…then i had someone decorate her place of employeement)…sooo…u might say I had it coming…lol…i’m going on vacation when i turn 50…lol…no telling what will be done if i don’t!!
your bird looks EXACTLY like my Ruffles did (died last year) and he was the SWEETEST pet that I have ever had & spoke quite well…very intelligent!!
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
I’m so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that you had a great day!

40 is the old age of youth,
50 is the youth of old age.

           :heart:  :heart:  :heart:

So when do you “start” caring what people think about you? I don’t care now and I’m not 30 yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

yay! i wasn’t paying attention!!! Happy birthday!!! :balloons: