OT - Ignore Feature of this site

Just wanted a small mention here of a site feature that many people may not have noticed. It is possible to ignore a user by looking at their profile and pressing the ignore user button.

Maybe this would help soothe some issues? I dunno its a small suggestion for helping to get things back on track.

Cool! Thanks for alerting me to that option. I seriously needed it for your profile.

*removed post as it could be construed as inflammatory. Ignore feature is my new friend and I’ve also contacted the mods about this.

If any of the mods wish to see my original post, I have copied and pasted it into a Notepad document and will be happy to send it to anyone who wishes to review it.

Thank you

Please, no one else respond to this.

I am PM’ing the mods, who will handle it.

Thank you in advance.