OT: Idol fans, have you had enough of all this Sanjaya talk?

I have to ask, for those of you who are American Idol, who is sick of all the media, talk, attention, websites, spoofs, etc. following Sanjaya?

I swear, if there is one more thing about him that I see on a website, or one more person saying that they’re doing, or not doing something until he gets voted off, I may have to harm something!

Newest site: www.ifsanjayawins.com

Basically, it’s:

If Sanjaya wins, I __________ will, __________________


(on another Idol note, I :heart: the new Elliot Yamin song)

eta–I’m not trying to bash Sanjaya (I feel for the kid being the butt of jokes), I’m just overwhelmed by all the talk–even at my office. It’s just becoming too much. Just like when Anna Nicole died, that’s all we heard about for weeks!

The other morning, my local radio station offered “Sanjaya Be Gone” for sale. :teehee: Once he’s gone, life will return to normal.

I feel kind of sorry for him, in a way.

I have never in my life watched a single, solitary moment of American Idol…until, that is, I came across all these business with VoteForTheWorst.com and then heard about the conniption fits some fans are having because they think it’s unfair, and then hearing about the YouTube girl who’s apparently on a hunger strike until Sanjaya gets booted.

I thought it was all too hilarious so I finally watched last night for maybe 15 minutes–long enough to watch Sanjaya sing and one other dude. I even considered voting for Sanjaya if he was as bad as everyone made it sound. But honestly–I thought the bits of other contestants singing sucked just as hard as Sanjaya. :shrug: So I guess I’m back to my non-watching habits :teehee:

yeah as a non-watcher, i am sick of hearing about the show…period. Buuuut i put up with it cuz i love my friends who put up with me talking about knitting and The Amazing Race…lol

First I was :-x that he was being kept on just cause some want to ruin a show that many love. Now I feel bad for him… he has to know that he is being made fun of and the laugh of the show. I wouldn’t want to be vote for the worst pick esp. when I thought I could sing… has to be hard on him… so now I want him voted off so he can kinda move on and quit being laughed at…

I would like to know what changed cause the try outs and Hollywood he could sing… :shrug:

Thankful for tivo though cause I had to fwd through his song last night…

Melinda, Lakisha, and Blake are my favs… I like Jordin a lot too…

i just watch the show like if he wasn’t there. i ignore all the rutcus about him. simom put him on the show. the whole season is such a farse. its like it all happened on purpose now. i think the ratings are gonna go way down. that is my thought

I missed him last night because I changing a smoke detector battery 12 feet up on a ladder. :doh: I actually look forward to seeing his act, it breaks up the monotony of the other contestants who seem to do the same thing over and over. I think I’m over AI anyway, I just can’t seem to get thrilled over it anymore. :shrug:

I am not watching it anymore this season. It just isn’t good.

I haven’t been watching it anymore, either, even before I got assigned to work Tuesday nights. I guess my short attention span has struck again. No longer intersted. But, I have to say that at work or school (hmm, actually kinda the same place), no one talks about Sanjaya or AI really, so I’m not burned out about hearing about anything AI. No one really talked about Anna Nicole Smith, either.

I used to watch it, but this was when Rubin was on. Since then, we watched the try outs and I did not see anyone there who really impressed me so that was that.

I do feel sorry for the guy but I also think he is riding this for as long as he can, I mean how many different hairstyles does this guy have? And that one that was kind of mohawk-y? :?? :shrug: How can a guy wear his hair like that, and he HAS to know about votefortheworst.com and still be clueless as how he looks?

omg, as i’m writing this there is a google ad at the bottom of the page that says “sanjaya malakar” :roflhard:

did u get what simon said last night: "Let’s try another tactic: ‘Incredible!’"
obvoiusly he’ s been thinking of ways to get him voted off :rofl: .

i was kinda thinking the same thing, though. "If i hear about him one more time… :doh: " but then i saw this thread, which pretty much…oh never mind.

I think as long as people are talking about it he will go right to the top 2 but he better not win because I will never watch again!!!If Melinda Doolittle or Lakisha go before him I won’t watch anymore either those two are in a league of their own.

You know, he’s really starting to feed the furor as well. His comment about “Sanjaya’s universe” just provided more fuel for the fire.

It’s sad…he’s someone’s son and brother.

As an AI fan, it’s embarrassing. I think the show has lost the factor that made it special. Now it’s pretty much laughable.

I’ll finish out the season because I don’t like to quit in the middle of something, but I will probably stay away next year, if it comes back.

:teehee: I was telling dh last night how I was feeling bad for him… he told me he isn’t getting it… look at the way he has been on stage it has powered his ego… still feel kinda sad though… I do wonder if more goes into hair style choices than song choices :shrug:

:!!!: why did Gina go? I didn’t like her song choice on Tuesday but she has done better than Haley… I think Haley, Phil, Sanjaya all need to go then it will start to get harder… and I think Phil could do very well if he would listen to the judges comments :wall:

I’ve watched AI since it began and this is the first year I have been bored as well…

I’m not an AI watcher either – and I used to work for a FOX affiliate. :wink:

But, their numbers (ratings) are better than ever this year. It’s an amazing feat for a TV show to actually INCREASE ratings after 6-7 seasons.

Not only that, but it’s about the only show on TV that kids and parents watch together – which means advertisers love it.

So, we’ll likely be stuck with it for a few more years.

Now that Gina’s done, I’m done watching it. :grrr: She was the only one I thought was interesting.

well i have to say i am SO DONE WITH AI. i cried to see gina leave. to see these awesome singers getting knocked off before that looser just is a big joke. something is up with the show this year for some reason. SO YUP I AM DONE FOR THIS YEAR AND MAYBE FOR THE COMING YEARS.

I probably won’t watch again next year. I hate being a slave to TV so it’s a good thing AI irritates me this year. Now if I could only get over my addiction to The Riches on FX I’d be ok. :teehee:

That’s sort of how I feel. I guess it’s good that I’m not in “need” of dropping everything and watching AI like I used to. This might actually be a good thing.

(I liked Gina. At least better than Hailey. Gina brought something “different”, a little more edge than the typical “pop” star :frowning: )

[i][b][color=violet]I was a little nervous because of the groups

Remember a couple of years ago (Fantasia Year) I think

A great singer Latoya from Oakland left way to early She had the “IDOL LOOK” and she sang great

Because Jordan, Latisha & Melinda are the final 3

I felt bad for Haley I thought she did well but when they only say green is great on you and you have nice legs I find that a little demeaning I think they would rather hear you stunk instead

I wonder what they think when some one as talented as Gina goes home & Sanjay stays

I also wonder is Haley part of the vote for the worst because Simon has never been pleased with her and she is just ok [/color][/b][/i]