OT - Ice in GA

:shock: Ice! We’ve got ice on everything! This is just awful! :shock:

The family awoke this morning to the sound of falling branches - BIG falling branches! There is ice on everything from the trees and bushes to the powerlines and cars. The streets are, somehow, not bad but… it’s a mess here. Power is out in many areas and schools are closing. I’m not enjoying this weather. :frowning: Even the kids are unhappy - they still have school! :happydance: Ha! I can get stuff done!

Anyway… we’ve mentioned the weather a bit lately and now we have ice in Georgia. There is a photo of a big branch on top of my beautiful Azalea bush and the Gardenia beside it. Hopefully they will survive but all you can see is a green mess right now. I shot a close-up of the ice so that you can see what I mean. That’s the kind of ice on everything but the roads.

Everyone stay safe - especially all the GA, SC and NC folks… it’s supposed to be bad all day!


[color=darkblue]Yuck, we are suppose to get this stuff here in northern NY sometime late tonight and then tons of snow after that for all of Friday and the weekend.
One year we got 6 inches of ice on the trees. We and everyone else were without power for 9 days to 2 weeks for some.
Glad you are alright.

:shock: 2 weeks with no power and DH, DS, DD and dog in the house? No! That’s just wrong. I have done nothing so bad to deserve that and I doubt that you have either! You’ll be in my thoughts! Stay safe!


Ice is awful!! I’ll take snow anytime. We’re supposed to get a mix tonight and tomorrow, but hopefully it won’t get as bad as you have. Stay safe and I hope it warms up for you!!

I’m an elementary school teacher in Marietta, so you know I was praying hard for a snow/ice day(Christmas knitting needs to be done!). Not to mention how NOT fun bus duty was this morning! Hope everyone stays warm and safe :smiley:

Ella??? :shock: Which school?!? My kids are at Simpson Middle!! ACK! You’re my neighbor!


Hi Countingsheep, good to meet a local! I PM’d you, not sure I did it right so let me know if it didn’t go through.

We got just enough ice here in the Charlotte, NC area to delay school. And when the county schools are delayed that means the preschool I work at is cancelled. So yet another day home for me!! After being out sick with the kids for 2 weeks I was actually looking forward to working.

Hope everyone else is staying warm and cozy!

We were nine days. A limb tore the electrical entrance cable right off the house. We had wood heat using a Ben franklin wood stove and used it to cook on and heat water. We ended up getting a generator so we could run the furnace once in a while as it was frigid here and keep the fridge and freezer cold. Used it to do laundry up quick and I had lines hung in the living room. We were banned to travel so we had to get food at the hick store downtown and it cost triple of what it normally wood. We now have a gas oven and cook top that requires no electricity so I can cook better and we have a couple of kerosene heaters too. We always have a good stock of batteries, candles, lamp and lamp oil etc. etc.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh northern NY. LOL,
Thanks for your good thoughts, :slight_smile:

When I lived in Atlanta in the 80’s there was an ice storm that closed schools and everything. I saw something funny though: A man eastrying to get the snow and ice off his front steps with a hose! :roflhard:

Sorry to hear about your bushes. :crying: Azeleas are tough aren’t they? They should spring back in no time :thumbsup:

ang, that is amazing!!! I do hope ya’ll are warm and dry!

Drive safely southerners! It can get so crazy down there when it snows/sleets since the cities aren’t prepared for it like the more northern states. I would’nt go out if you don’t have to…you might know how to drive in conditions like that but a lot of people down there just don’t!

I’m in Charlotte too. HI.

We have ice on everything and I NEED to get to the post office.

Make sure you buy that bread and milk. :roflhard:

Hey GA folks–I’m in GA too but a little futher south than you guys-_I’m down in Stockbridge and I work for Clayton Co. Schools–I’m the autism specialist down here! I tutor in our remedial edu program after school and I told all of the kids to pray for ice b/c I need to finish some knitting too! I’m a newbie–I was kind of wondering if there were any GA folks lurking/hanging around! :slight_smile: Nice to meet you and stay warm! (oh, and we had ice too but only on the trees–school is going as usual!)