OT - I really need to vent

I’m sooo worked up today. Last night I got a letter from the MI Dept of Treasury saying they are reviewing my 2006 homestead tax credit. Fine, no big deal. I understand the need to review it since my house was foreclosed on in November. So I call the bank, which I’ve had MAJOR issues with before, to try and get the proper paperwork. After they bounce me around to probably 10 other people I am told that a)they can’t give me the paperwork, what I need is a sheriff’s deed from the county and b)I’m not even supposed to eligible for the homestead credit. Which I know has to be total BS!!! So now I have to call the lady who did my taxes and confirm everything with her. If I can get the credit I am calling the Dept of Treasury and reporting my bank for not cooperating with these tax matters. :wall: :hair:

deep breaths

I’m sorry! I will give squirrely evil-eyes in the general direction of your bank and the MI tax office!

Taxes, ain’t they ugly things? I keep my fingers crossed for you!

UGH, that really sucks!! I hope you can get someone to cooperate soon!!

It sounds like you had a professional tax preparer? If so, they should be somewhat liable if you end up owing money due to their mistake…

Yes, I had them done. I don’t believe it was any error on her part. I think I just need to provide documentation and the bank is giving me the runaround. I’ve had so many issues with them in the past… not notifying me they were foreclosing, never sending any paperwork once the foreclosure was done, never sending me a 1098 for my interest paid… etc, etc, etc

Miranda, I’m sorry for your troubles, it’s never fun to deal with these govt. entities. I will keep your situation in my prayers.
:pray: Hang tight and pray for guidance. :heart:

Actually…I found out the hard way that when you sign your taxes…if you read the teeny tiny print…you are also signing in agreement that you’ve read everything and agree that it’s correct. Once you sign it–they are no longer liable…One year an accountant forgot to add in one dexh’s incomes (he was self employed so there were always 15 or more 1099’s…) and we ended up owing taxes a few months later when the IRS caught that we had forgotten to enter income…

I hope you get everything worked out…banks and the IRS can be a pain in the backside…

Thanks! My newest annoyance? I am trying to call the Department of Treasury to report the bank for not cooperating. But everytime I call it says all the reps are busy and disconnects me!!! :wall:


If they don’t want to talk to you on the phone… write them a letter letting them know how you feel about the banks service~! :doh:

From what I understand, if you go a Government office for help with your taxes, and they screw up, you are still liable! They can’t be confident that their own employees will understand the code - wither incompetent people, or a ridiculously overcomplicated code, who knows. But you have to take responsibility for them as well!

That’s probably true. Stupid, but true. I was actually thinking of someplace like H&R Block, where they ‘guarantee’ their work- not required by IRS, but just something they say that they do. My dh had them do his taxes one time and they screwed it up- they didnt’ pay the additional money that he owed (because he really did owe it) but they payed the interest that accrued over the year before the IRS caught the mistake.


I just wanted to update on this… I think I’ve gotten everything sorted out. Turns out even though my house went to foreclosure and there was a sheriff’s sale, the title is still in my name. I have a redemption period until 5/17/07. So now I am able to get the correct info and send it of to the state. I already have the envelope all stuffed and ready to go into the mail. PHEW!!!

I’m glad everything seems to be resolved!

YAY, Miranda, that’s great!