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does anyone have the video i pod? if so please leave your comments. I’m thinking of buying one for our trip, we leave Fri. and will have a plane ride with both kids and then a 3-4 hour car ride. I want this to play movies for my dh to watch so he doesn’t drive us crazy; it’s just the kids, my father in law and me. my dh is comming later…darn out of state family weddings.
also if you have any tips on flying with two kids under 3, ds will be 3 in April and dd will be 1 in March. tia.

I love my video ipod. I have the 60 gig version. I bought that one not for the bigger capacity, but for the longer battery life. I use mine mainly for music, but I do have some videos loaded onto it. Google video has an option that allows you to download their videos in the ipod format. My dad also has a video ipod, and he bought a program that allows him to put DVDs on it. He uses it for flights a lot and loves it.

I’ve got the the 30GB iPod video and I love it! The battery life on the 30gig is only about 2.5-3 hours for video, though. And, unless you buy or download a special converter, you will not be able to put your own DVDs on the iPod, you’ll have to buy them from Itunes. I currently have 5 movies on my iPod and it’s come in handy during doctors visits when the kids start getting bored, I pop out the iPod and they’re happy for a bit :happydance: .

Also, there is also a video knitting podcast out there called LetsKnit2gether that’s free to download ;).

I have a 30G Creative Zen Vision M, which is like an iPod, except that you can rip songs from your CD’s and they will play on this player. I am not limited to one music service to get music. Like the others mentioned, you can only get DVD’s/music at iTunes or download a converter to convert your DVD’s. This might not be an issue for some people, but for other people it is. This was enough of a factor for me personally to decide against getting an iPod. If you were to go with a different player, be aware that it is harder to find accessories for anything that is not an iPod and iPod accessories don’t work with non-iPod players.

In a lot of these larger capacity players, the battery is built in, so when that battery won’t recharge anymore, you have to replace the entire player. Movie files take up more room than music files, too, as well as battery life. I don’t watch movies on my player because I don’t like watching video on the tiny screen.

You might want to check out other sites, especially online retailers, that sell mp3 players/iPods and read the customer reviews of people who bought them. My DH buys computer parts from Newegg.com, and they sell mp3 players and iPods. You might not make your purchase online, but it helped me when I was shopping around to read what other people thought of certain players. I ended up buying my Zen at at the store.

A portable DVD player might actually serve you better than an iPod, but it all comes down to personal preference and your own needs. iPods are easier to carry around, but you can play DVD’s you already own on a portable DVD player. Most DVD players also play audio CD’s, too. Again, you would have to look around to see which player does what and decide on what you think will work best for you.

thanks guys, letsknit2gether, hummm have to check that out.
I’m going to best buy. com and order it now for instore pick up. I’m also gonna get the vehicle and wall charger, so we can charge it in the rental car and at the hotel…of course I wont leave it alone in the hotel, so I’ll be knitting a sock for it so it doesn’t scratch when I put it in my purse.

I just want to mention that you can rip songs to your ipod from CDs. That’s where most of my music comes from.

Um, I have over 23.5 gigs (Or 6568 songs) of music on my 30 Gig Video iPod.

I purchased MAYBE 100 of those songs on iTunes, the rest are from CDs and um. Yes. Other places.

So iPods don’t limit you for music–only DVDs. :slight_smile:

Anyway. I’ve never used the photo/video capabilities on my iPod. I don’t like the tiny screen. I’ve been thinking about downloading games for it, though.

I looooove my iPod (it’s my second), I couldn’t live without it.

Amy and I have 30GB video iPods and we love them. We both watch videos while doing cardio and they make the workout fly by. Amy buys shows from iTunes. I have taken to renting shows from netflix and converting them to iPod format. The software is called Cucusoft iPod Video Converter Suite and isn’t terribly expensive. Although, it does takes a while to convert a DVD though since it’s such a large and data intensive process.

There are also a lot of good free video (and audio) podcasts you can subscribe to. We have a Belkin converter in the car which will transmit the iPod audio through the car speakers (in addition to charge it). So now we never complain that there’s nothing good on the radio. Our favorite podcasts are nerdy science shows. We’re a couple of geeks.

iPod CPR Tip: I dropped my iPod pretty much on the first day I got it. I was running on the treadmill and snagged the cable with my arm and it came crashing down; I nearly stepped on it! It wasn’t happy! It locked up and wouldn’t respond to anything, although the screen was still glowing (good sign!). I was pretty sure I killed it! So, I search google for “dropped iPod” and found a post on some forum or blog with instructions on how to reset a dropped frozen iPod. You press and hold the center button and then while still holding it down you press and hold the menu button. After about 5 - 10 seconds it should reset and voila your iPod is ressurrected. Hopefully this tidbit helps someone who’s as clumbsy with their iPod as me!

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there is a version of IPOD that you can store knitting pattern in there… using PDF files…i am really looking into that now…since i travelled alot !

hope this helps

Lonnie has just gotten the big IPod and he LOVE, LOVES the video feature, he has music videos on his, but he loves it, can’t say enough good things about it and he’s had several IPods (trades up with each new generation, I think) and it seems to be his fave.

hellokitty165, please tell me more! Would it mean buying a new iPod, or just a software update would do it? THAT’S the program I need. I’m always knitting, but for some reason it never is with my iPod on. :oops:
:shifty: I’m afraid I sometimes forget I have it. :blush:

the lady who store her knitting pattern as PDF files on Ipod…here is her website www.pixiepurls.com/archives/2006/04/how_to_store_kn.html that she talk abt it … u can send email to her and ask her for more detail

hope this helps !


I didn’t know that. A friend of mine bought an iPod and she wishes she bought something else because she says she can only get music from iTunes. Maybe she doesn’t know that she can do this.

iTunes is compatible with most music formats (unlike certain Windows-based music players/programs.) If she has the songs on her computer, she can add them to iTunes and put them on her iPod. I think that iTunes doesn’t play songs formatted for Windows Media Player, so if her songs are in Windows Media Player format, she needs to convert them (she can probably find a free program online somewhere to do this.)

And she can rip songs directly from CD’s she owns into iTunes.

I just recently got an iPod and had some windows media songs. When I tried to import them into iTunes, iTunes converted them for me. It just too F O R E V E R to do it.

Actually, I’m pretty sure you can use the songs in Windows Media Player.

Try burning the songs to a CD and then ripping them (which seems redundant) again.

If you can rip songs from a CD and put them on your iPod, then it’s basically the same principle.

I can’t remember exactly how to do this, but I do know that I’ve helped my nephew do this before. We used to have songs in Napster that we converted over to the iPod.

Actually, I’m pretty sure you can use the songs in Windows Media Player.[/quote]

But they won’t play on the iPod.

You need to conver them, first. After reading sandra_ellen’s post, I checked the website…iTunes 4.5 and up automatically converts WMA (Windows Media Player format) files to your default import format.

You need to conver them, first. After reading sandra_ellen’s post, I checked the website…iTunes 4.5 and up automatically converts WMA (Windows Media Player format) files to your default import format.

Very interesting. I never converted. Again, I can’t remember how we did it, but it worked. I figured out a way around Apple’s restrictions. (Or should I saw Windows Media’s restrictions).

Microsoft is notorious for making their software incompatible with other companies such as Apple. But, if you’re geeky enough, you can figure out ways around the problems.

Thanks for the info, though! Dd has an iPod, so it may just come in handy if my little “tricks” stop working.

It may have automatically converted the files when you added them to your Library, and then copied them to the iTunes Library folder (which I believe is under My Documents>My Music>iTunes, if I recall correctly from my Windows-using days.)

If all else fails, buring songs to CD and importing then again never fails to work, as long as you don’t burn them as data discs.