OT: I need some good vibes/prayers etc

Well, we have an ultrasound this afternoon to determine just how big my ‘not so little’ boy is…

This will determine how soon we’re induced (due to the Gestational Diabetes)…

I just want for my Roh to be okay…

one of these should be good vibes-y enough!

:muah: :hug:

I’ll be praying for you and your little one!

I was thinking about you three this evening. GD is such a pain. Im sorry you are having to deal with that and all the decisions that go with it.

Peace be with you three as you decide what needs to be done.

Good luck, momma!
I’m sure whatever the outcome, you and your little bub will be fine. Let us know what they say!

Good luck!! I hope you get good results and all goes well!

Prayers going your way :pray:

Good thoughts and vibes coming your way! :heart: :heart:

Sending prayers your way. I hope all goes well, and you have a healthy baby and a speedy recovery.

Okay… results are in…

My boy is a monster child already…

His measurements are consistant with a gestational age of 35 weeks (which is 4weeks ahead of where we are).

And they’re estimating his current weight to be 6 pound 3 ounces…


But he’s not in any discomfort, so it seems that he is cozy in there…

I have another u/s in two weeks to check his growth…

fingers crossed!

eep thats a BIG baby boy! Is the father big? =D I hope all goes fine with the pregnancy from here on in and that he doesn’t get too huge too soon!

:hug: Good thoughts and good wishes coming your way.

Sending mine - hope everything is ok!

:hug: Hope everything goes well at the next ultrasound!!

:heart: Glad everything is going well so far!

:heart: :heart:

Gracious, that’s a big boy! I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts, sending you all the good vibes I’ve got!

That’s a big boy!! Glad the US went well…I’ll be praying for you :hug:

:heart: best wishes and positive thoughts for you and baby, Tia! :heart:

Gestational Diabetes gives you big babies, but they’re still young. Do your best to keep your sugar where it should be and you should be fine. My 5’1" daughter’s baby was 9 lbs. 2 in. but is a smallish kid now.

Prayers and best wishes to you and yours! :heart:

DH was born 5 weeks early and was 6pound then… so not really…

I’ve het to find out out big my parents were… neither of D’s parents were that big…

well, nothing I can do but wait now… :smiley: