OT: I need a new game


Single player with multi-player capabilities
Does not involve killing, guns, blood, or gore
Is free


Albatross 18?? dh said you have to pay for upgrades and stuff but the game is free…he’s never played it, just heard of it…

Mah Jong? :shrug: It’s some sort of Chinese or Japanese game…and I think I downloaded it before, so it is free.

diner dash is sooo fun, i think it has multi-player, not sure

diner dash: http://www.bigfishgames.com/downloads/dinerdash/index.html

diner dash 2 is even better: http://www.bigfishgames.com/downloads/dinerdash2restaura/index.html

oh yeah, free. u can play free online, but its kinda small

I don’t think it’s multiplayer, but try JigZone - it’s very addictive, though!

http://www.virtualnes.com It has soooooooo many old school NES games. Very addicting, though.

I’m a big fan of the games at pogo.com

How about Slingo?

Look in my signature and click on the Orisinal link. It’s not like Single player with multi-player capabilities but it is indeed free and without violences. I enjoy going to that site and play their small games. The games have good musics, too. Even though this might not match your expectations, check it out anyway! They have tons of cute and relaxing games that you can play during your spare time! :slight_smile: Have fun!

ooo thanks everyone!!! :heart: If I’m not around for a while, you’ll know why!!! :happydance:


it is so cool I bought the downloaded version
the only problem with buying a version is if youhave a computer problem
I suggest keeping the email payment confirmation so you can reload

I would buy it again