OT: I miss my dogs! stupid pound

Well yesterday my mom let our inside dog outside to use the restroom because she’s had a stomach problem and wants out a lot, well this old man neighbor we have was IN OUR YARD cutting the grass on his hands and knees with scissors…the inside dog (Talon) starts barking at him and my mom is trying to calm him down, well this wakes up our skiddish outside dog Gina and she hates men especially in jumpers and hats…And especially him because he always waves a stick at them and snaps a belt at them when they bark at him (when he is in his yard of course) well Gina bit him and one puncture mark went through his skin to his bone (not hard because he is 86) and my mom finally got the dogs inside (she saw the whole thing) and she tells the guy he needs to see a doctor…

The doctor tells him he has to report the incident to the police because it was a dog attack. Well my mom is at home at this point and the pound shows up. Well because the old guy doesn’t remember which dog bit him, they take BOTH dogs. My parents and I are so upset. I miss my dogs.

Not only did we not know the guy was in our yard, and he got bit, but now we have to pay like 500 dollars in bills for our dog biting the guy who was trespassing, and our 2 female dogs have to be in quarrantine for 10 DAYS. We can’t touch them, but we can visit them and say “hey” … not gonna happen. That is sooo cruel. Just a tease to them.

If this guy sues, it’s gonna be so stupid. I don’t think he will though. It’s just rediculous because my mom saw the whole thing and KNEW which dog bit him. She put them in the paddywagon and the dogs were soo scared. She didnt want the pound putting them in there because they use that noose thing.

Just wanted to share my story. It sucks. I don’t really care for pity though.

Just a warning…Even if someone breaks the law by going onto your property unauthorized, you still have to get the blame if your dogs bite them. Grrr. :crying:

Back to my knitting… hurrumph.


You need to install DEADBOLT locks on your gates…keep that A** out! Can you press reverse charges for his trespassing???

I would DIE if my pooches were gone from me for 10 days!!!

Sending hugs…

Angela, this really SUCKS!!! Your neighbor sounds like a crazy, old, nasty, mean man. I cant imagine living without my dog for 10 days! Just keep knitting, maybe the time will go by fast…maybe…

Angela, I’ve heard stories like this before and it is so frustrating. It seems like you can’t even use a “Beware of Dog” sign anymore, because that means you are admitting your dog could harm someone. I hope you get your dogs back and that something can be worked out to keep that man off of your property. Will you keep us posted please?

Those b@st@rd$!!! This kind of $h!t really 9i$$e$ me off!!! Get a hole bunch of “KEEP OUT”, “NO TRESPASSING”, “PRIVATE PROPERTY” and “BEWARE OF DOGS” signs. I would have totally curked out on that old fart!!!

Okay … ekgheiy is about to get REAL nasty … so she’ll just leave …


I hope everything works out for you! (And I hope that old fart gets committed, but that’s just the dark side of me … :twisted:)

I agree with all of the above. I also think ekgheiy
states it perfectly.

oh no! this is terrible!!! :mad:

Once you get your pooches back, make sure you fling their poo into his yard… do it at night so he won’t know.

EVERY TIME he sets one toenail in your yard after this, you should call the police and report trespassing.

:shock: OMG, this is outrageous! Man, the law is supposed to be FAIR. Hello? I can’t believe that!!!

There’s GOT to be laws that protect your rights on your own property?? Really, I mean for uninvited people???!

If you do get sued (heaven forbid:shock:), double check your house insurance policy, or renter’s insurance, if you have it. They often have coverage for liability for things that happen on your property.

Man! I’ve never used this emoticon before, but it’s time: :evil: Grrrr.


Yeah. I am pretty darn upset. My mom went to visit the dogs because she just couldn’t stand not seeing them. It just feels so different and I feel bad for Donny (our male outside) because Gina is his “girlfriend” we like to say. My mom said that she talked to a lady there at the pound and the lady told her that the guy’s daughter hates us just because we have dogs that bark. :rollseyes: So stupid. We dont even talk to them. The lady told my mom “well i suggest you settle your issues with the neighbors and give them some doggy treats to befriend your dogs” my mom said “no! I dont want them befriending my dogs. I’ll put up a 6 foot wooden fence if I have to”. The lady told her “well if it happens again we will have to put your dogs down.” My mom said “what?! What’s the point of having dogs then? i want my dogs to protect me. Fine I’ll just go home and put muzzles on them I guess”. The lady says “No ma’am that’s cruelty to animals you can’t do that.” My mom said “And this isn’t? Talon didn’t even do anything.”

my mom says that the dogs will be traumatized. The lady told her “We clean their cages and give them fresh food and water. They ARE taken care of” and my mom said “you dont understand. My talon is my princess and she sleeps on a poofy pillow, this is so wrong to do to her because she didnt do anything wrong…” and the lady tells her “Ma’am, they ARE just animals.” My mom said she had to bite her tongue.

They also tell us we have to buy a dog house to protect the outside dogs from the elements. :rollseyes: So we are puttin up a big 6 foot wooden fence, buying a dog house, paying fines, and GET THIS…

The lady tells my mom she has to take the dogs to the vet. My mom says “Ok that’s fine, I will take them straight to the vet when I pick them up” (My mom says the dogs are in cages next to other dogs who are actually sick so she wants to take them to the vet anyway) And the lady says “Oh no ma’am, an officer will take them to your vet and you will have to meet him there. Then once they get their shots you have to bring back a receipt that they got them”

My mom and I both don’t understand this because and officer is going to be there witnessing them getting shots (we have to take them to get shots because we have no record of them getting them even tho they have gotten them - mom hasnt ever needed the records).

Anyway… My mom is kinda depressed now as are we all in our household. This just happened on top of my grandma (mom’s mother) dying in January, then my parents went on vacation and the day before they did, the water people shut off the water and parents came back only to find out we “owe” 2000 dollars because we were supposedly using the water illegally for a year. The math doesn’t add up, but that’s beside the point. We feel like the city hates us. It’s just so dumb

We’ll get through it though I know we will. I just can’t wait to see the dogs today. I can’t even bare to think of what my mom told me: She told me that they clean the cages by squirting a water hose at them! I wish that when I see that I could pet them but it sucks that I wont be able to. They are going to be soooo scared of water now.

…I will keep you posted.

On my knitting note, I am like 15 rows into the Honeymoon Cami from Knitty.com! :smiley: woo hoo