OT: I love the rain

When it’s consistantly hot (95+ degrees), I long for a rainy day. Just last night I was telling DH that I hoped today was a rainy day. I got my wish, and a bonus. It’s raining very lightly right now, and this is what I saw when I walked out the door.

Sometimes you just have to feel like God is smiling, right at YOU. :heart:


I love the rain, too - makes me feel romantically timeless! (or timelessly romantic? um. )

wasn’t it almost a given that you were gonna get rain sometime this weekend? Heck we get the effects of the strong ones when they come up the gulf, all the way here in nebraska!

I love rain too. I get the strongest urge to go shopping in the rain. it took me years to figure out why. Just dawned on me one day that when i was growing up we always went shopping when it rained because it meant dad couldn’t work outside bein’ a farmer and all. so i came to associate rain with shopping. prolly good that i don’t live in seattle then huh? :wink:

Yeah, I guess. But I’m way up in the northeast corner of FL. Katrina’s a long way away. In any event, I’m enjoying the rain showers! :slight_smile:

I sleep like a BABY when it rains…ESPECIALLY during thunder storms! I always wanna go puddle jumping, but DH is not as spontaneously FUN as he used to be…

What a gorgeous picture…so cool that you caught it.

I love the rain as long as we don’t get like 1 month straight of it.

KK - me too, I fall asleep soooooo easily when it’s raining… sigh

driving in it is another story tho, during daylight it’s ok, but I hate driving at night in it.

I totally loathe thunder. If I could fit under my bed, I’d push the kitties out of the way hide under there until the thunder stops. :oo: (Oh and…nice pic, Silver ;))

That is a fantastic picture Silver…

I want some rain here too… we don’t get enough.

I live in Portland Oregon where it rains A LOT. but I still love it. Some folks can’t stand it. Especially folks from California. They come up to PDX cuz its cheaper but then they leave cuz it rains a lot. All the more for me! Leaves us Portlanders more time to read and sit in coffee shops. And we have more bookstroes than anyother city and we check out more books out of the library than any other city (Even Cambrdige, MA home to HAAAAAvard) need a rain emoticon…

Oh nice picture Silver.

Love the rainbow Silver. It is amazing to see such wonders.

Brendjo, when I was working my way through college as a cashier at a grocery store, it always amazed me at the people who would come shopping when it was raining. It was often our busiest time. We would joke about people not knowing how to get out of the rain.

I normally like rain, love thunderstorms, and adore rainbows…but…I was supposed to go play mini-golf with my co-workers today and we got rained out…boo hoo…which meant I had to stay at work until 5 when I was supposed to leave at 2, starting my vacation even earlier. Shuks. Oh well, I’m home now and I don’t have to go back to work until after Labor Day. :happydance: And it can rain all it wants in Indiana cuz I’ll be on the beach in NC!

Nice shot, Silver! I was about to ask you didn’t it rain everyday…but u answered my ? when u said you were in the northeast corner (you probably aren’t far from me!). Anyway, when I was a kid I would spend every summer in Fl, around Daytona & about 30 miles inland from there and it rains every day in the summer, short thunder storm…then bright shiny day!! Of course, still does, it didn’t stop just bc I grew up …lol :roflhard: . I love, love the rain, I love to smell the air, right before it rains…very fresh, smells like it’s about to rain :wink:

That’s one thing I do miss about FL - I think y’all have to have nearly as many rainbows there as they do in Hawaii…I remember one day I went to go get pizza - completely mundane thing to do- but I ended up driving around for about 30 mins because the direction I was going, there was a double rainbow almost like that one, that just went across the whole sky…and of course, I never have my camera handy for stuff like that :frowning: I’m glad you did!

Wow, Sil, that’s so nice, thanks for sharing that special moment with us! :heart: How glorious.

My fondest teenage memories (that don’t involve boys :blush:) were of walking barefoot on rainy nights in the summer. I didn’t care about dirty city streets (in Cambridge, Mass., home to Haaahvahd ;)). It was so awesome just to walk in the rain and feel it on my feet. Best thing ever.

:shock: AMY!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: