OT: I just put my baby on the school bus!

Today, my oldest ds starts first grade. I just got home from putting him on the school bus. :pout: He was so excited and happy. To make me even more sad, in a few hours, I’ll be taking ds#2 to Kindergarten. I’m not ready to have 2 in school. DD (18 mos) will be taking her nap during the hours both boys are in school, so It will be quiet in the house. I have no idea what that’s like anymore. I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself with 2 1/2 hrs of QUIET every day.


I just did the K thing last week, but I can’t imagine having both gone. :verysad:

I’m sure that you can find SOMETHING to do with 2 1/2 quiet hours. :wink:

It is sad when you send them off. :hug:

Trust me, though, you’ll get very used to that quiet time in the afternoons, and before you know it, the wild rumpus will start when they get off that bus in the afternoon.

At least you still have your little girl home for a while. :heart:

My little one had his first day Monday but then was off till today… he loved it and was so sad when he couldn’t go back on Tues… It was sad watching him reach up for the bus and climb on… :verysad: my little girl was hollering bye Isaiah, I wuv you… but then as I turned to walk home she started crying on me and I then heard I want Isaiah all the way home…

I am hoping though the break from one another will mean less fights but I don’t know… :shrug: he went Monday and within 15mins they were fighting again :doh:

I remeber when my son was 3 years old and started Headstart. I was on night shift at the time and just bawled like a baby for the short 5 hours he was there. I found out within 2 weeks that I couldn’t take the silence and went to dayshift. Thank goodness they actually needed me more on days than nights, so it wasn’t a big problem. 2 years later he was 5 years old and starting kindergarten. My husband took him to school on his first day and there I was at work surounded by women bawling my eyes out again lol. Guess you really never get used to it. Now he’s in 4th grade and I no longer work. I’ve gotten used to it and find the time very useful when it comes to cleaning the house and staying clean longer than 30 minutes :cheering: .

Saying over and over again, it’s just for 3 hours.

hey i’ll take your quiet time!!! i’m counting down. 2 down 3 to go!!! :happydance: my next one doesn’t leave till 2008! :pout: :passedout: