OT: I just checked out Curves gym --NEAT!

I checked it out last night. I really liked it!

It’s an all women’s gym (sorry guys!), and I really liked the way it’s set up; it’s very conducive to socializing with the other women. The workout was just perfect, I actually felt energized afterwards, and not exhausted, and it was actually fun. I’m going to sign up!

Have y’all heard of this? The way it works is it’s just a single room with a bunch of low-impact exercise machines set up in a circle, and between each machine is a square exercise pad, where you jog in place lightly, or do other aerobic bouncy stuff, to energizing dance music. You go around the circle, only 30 seconds at each station. (So you move from machine, to pad, to machine, to pad, etc.) After two or three rounds in the circle, you’re done with the workout! It takes a half an hour. It’s really easy to get chatting with the other ladies in the circle, and that makes the time just FLY by.

The workout is enough to feel like you’re doing something, but you’re not really supposed to exhaust yourself. It’s designed for health, not to be competitively difficult. It actually feels good! You can push yourself harder, or go easy, it’s totally flexible. It’s great for any age. The music was really upbeat and energizing, and over the music there’s a tape/voice that tells the group every thirty seconds to rotate to a new exercise station, and every now and then it guides you through taking your pulse so you can see if you’re in your target range. There’s a big chart on the wall to make it easy to determine if you’re in your target range. The whole experience is VERY user friendly.

When you sign up at one gym, you can go to any Curves in the world, and they are EVERYWHERE. Also, I can’t believe how innexpensive it is! There’s an initial fee which you pay once, and then after that it’s only $29/month! (The one-time fee is $149, but you can often get coupons or discounts for half off.) I didn’t see their prices on the website, but if you’re curious, it’s here: www.curves.com

The exercise machines themselves were really clever and great. They’re hydraulic “resistance” machines, where the harder you push against them, the more they resist, so you don’t need to adjust anything, you just use the machine to the resistance that feels good for you. I also like that most machines give resistance in both directions, so every movement is doing something useful.

For those who are trying to loose weight, they have a whole lifestyle program with food guidelines, and they also will weigh and measure you weekly. They give you a scan card so your data travels with you to whatever Curves you go to, so it’s easy to keep track of progress.

Anyway, I was impressed! I’m going to join tomorrow!

Amy - My Mom signed up for Curves and loved it. It helped her get back in shape after a car accident and greatly helped her flexibility. She loved the social part of it and has coffee now with some of the other members.

The only problem I could see is that you should still do some kind of straight cardio in addition to going to Curves. Otherwise you’ll plateau with your weight loss (I’m not sure if you need to lose any weight though). This is the suggestion my DH gave my Mom when she stopped losing weight. Now she still goes there 3-4 times a week but on her off days she tries to walk or ride a bike for about a half hour.

I also have some friends who were very overweight and they absolutely loved Curves because it gave them a comfortable setting to get started. Plus the people there were able to show them how to do everything with no awkward situations. I’ve hired a personal trainer in the past and although it was helpful - it got awkward at times.

Good luck! I think it’s great that you found a gym that you love!
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My wife and a couple of our friends belong. She likes it a lot and all of them have lost inches and weight without a lot of stress. Its not stressful and she enjoys the social aspect of it.