OT - I itch!

I think it’s a contact dermatitis from my detergent. What’s a good easily available mild detergent? Any advice? Also do you think dryer sheet could contribute?

we use powdered surf detergent. Smells great, dissolves fast, and I’ve never had the itchies.

we have good luck with Arm & hammer dye free, and also Dreft baby clothes detergent. The dryer sheet could be an issue, but not as likely as the detergent. The store brand version of the Dreft is just as good and cheaper. we like the baby clothes detergent as it seems to get stains out better (for us anyways). Avoid things with extra special scents or long lasting scents- they are leaving more “stuff” on the clothes. good luck! MKZ

ooo also, check your washer manual to see how much detergent you should be using for a load of wash. Most of those cups that come with the detergent hold way too much… then if we accidentaly add some extra and/or it doesn’t rinse all the way, the soap will give you the itchies.

seventh generation!
you only have to use a little bit, and it doesn’t smell all chemically either.

My mom uses Purex unscented, because she’s allergic to scented products.

ya, I itch too…

only mine is caused by teenagers…the 14 yo and his 63 yo grandfather who has been living with us since September!!!

I use something from the health food store. No additional dyes or chemicals.

thanks for the ideas! I hope this does the trick!

I used to get these nasty dry circles on my skin and the doctor said it was probably the soap or dryer sheets.

so yes. dryer sheets could cause it. now i use the unscented, undyed ones. no dry circles on my skin anymore.

I use all free & clear.

And yes… I do think the dryer sheets could also cause problems. You might consider switching brands or finding another method to see if it helps.

Me too–it’s the only one that doesn’t make my son’s eczema worse.