OT - I have created a 12 yo Monster

I finally bought my middle DD her first Sewing machine
she has gone so far as to yell at her teacher that she could not finish a simple gluing felt to felt project because she needed a sewing machine to do it right
now I got her one, and my Dishclothes will never be safe again
she is sewing every scrap of fabric she can lay her hands on

she keeps yelling through the house “This is SO COOL” and “OMG this is SO pretty”

I am SO pleased, she even wants to take it to the summer camp i work at in the warmer months

I have created a MONSTER



:oops: She yelled at the teacher~!!

It’s great she has such enthusiasm but… .maybe a subscription to a sewing magazine (with new patterns) may help her rechannel her energy ~! :doh:

That’s wonderful! I started sewing on a machine when I was 10 and it’s been a great hobby to have. Of course now I don’t want to have anything to do with it so it’s piled with yarn. :teehee:

That’s great!!

I got my sewing machine for Christmas when I was 9 (the year after I got my bread machine and 3 years before i got my stand mixer… yeah, I know, I was a weird kid, but I’m glad now that I was because I have a sewing machine, a bread machine and a stand mixer instead of more barbies or a bike I’ve outgrown…)

I loved having my own sewing machine and it’s nice to know how to sew now when I would be too busy to take the time to learn otherwise - or have to give up my knitting to make the time to learn (the horrors!!)

For my first project, my mom got me some fabric and a pattern for a simple three tiered skirt - that was a great starter project since it was mostly rectangles and straight sewing but it taught me a lot of basics (and when I was done I wore it all the time.). Maybe something like that would be good for your daughter?

I got her that exact pattern
AND pajama pants
and fabric to make the pants (2 pair, one for herself to make first, and then a pair for her little sister)
then she can pick out her fabric for her skirt
or fabrics, it does not have to be the same fabric for each tier of the skirt


I agree about the yelling at her teacher
but the teacher was not offended by it, she recognized it as enthusiasm and not miserablekiditis
its funny, that was the ONE thing I would have freaked out about when i heard about it if the teacher was not laughing while she toold me about it
and this was at a meeting about my kids innapropriateness in class
its an odd thing

What kind of sewing machine did you buy??
That is one other hobbby I would mind trying to learn (again)~

i took sewing in :hair: home ed in 9th grade and that d@mn bobbin about drove me crazy~!! :hair: :hair:

I thought I was going to flunk home ec b/c of it~!!

She wanted the Brother 4000 (higher end) then the singer simple I was trying to stear her too
but she had her heart set, and she decided to pay me back for the machine itself
so she got the higher end machine (NOT anything like an actual high end machine that costs 2300 US)
and she is in the middle of setting up the cut pieces of her pair of pajama pants
and filling her bobbin so she can make them tonight
she MIGHT get to sleep by 2 am
and we wake at 7am to meet my family for bagles tomorrow at 7:30
she is gonna have a love hate thing happening tomorrow
but the smile will be worth it (I hope she has a smile)


Update - She is doing it
she is sewing the seams - and doing a pretty good job of it
I had to tell her I was tired and wanted to go lay down so she would do it herself instead of keep asking me to do "just this part"
She just finished the ouside seams, and is going to pin the inside seams
she is gonna have a COW when she has to sew the cro tch part
one piece inside out, one right side out but inside the other


:eyebrow: :sleepy: :passedout: :passedout:

YOU and your daughter in the early am~! :eyebrow:

Nite. Nite~

she just finished her first ever button hole
I did the one before that to show her how easy it was when the Sewing machine does it for ya
hers is listing to starbord a bit, but it will work just fine for PJs
and she is tickled pink
its 1:27am, and I know my middle daughter is asleep upstairs already

wish I knew for sure where my teenager was (boarding school)