OT: I feel like a "knitting failure"

Does anyone else feel like they just didn’t knit enough for Xmas Gifts…I do…I completed one shawl (took forever) and everyone loved it/asked why I didn’t make them one:aww: Come on now, I had a whole year to think about knitting gifts…:grphug:

Nope, I didn’t knit any - on purpose. Some people might be overly ambitious and choose more projects than they can reasonably finish by a deadline. Maybe they don’t take into consideration the extra time taken by other shopping, cooking, and activities.

But if other people expected something knit, they shoulda put in their list to the knitting Santa (that’s you) several months beforehand.

No way. If you feel you have to knit something it becomes work and not a special gift anymore. Maybe next year, or next birthday the next person can get something special from you.

I definitely didn’t knit enough this year, though I did complete the projects I wanted to do, some a day late.Those were acceptable though because they needed to be shipped anyways.Next year I will certainly start my Christmas knitting earlier and include more people so they don’t feel left out, but it’s not the end of the world.

Remember that Christmas is just another day on the calendar.Just because various stores have made it a big shopping occasion and it’s become a tradition in so many cultures, it doesn’t mean it’s your only chance.I think the best gifts are uncalled for, and I try to give as many of those out as possible. An expected gift on a holiday or birthday can be nice but it feels even better getting a gift out of nowhere for no reason other than “I thought of you”.

Start making a gift list now. As you find patterns when wandering through Ravelry put them on the list for the appropriate person. When you want to start a new project, check your gift list first and see if any of those inspire you to be CO.

One can’t start their Christmas knitting in Oct or Nov and expect to get it all done… I’ve been doing hand made gifts for years, and it takes all year to get them done and not feel rushed or overwhelmed by it. I also give myself permission to give hand mades for birthdays instead and not worry so much for Christmas.

Nope only knit for special occasions(births,Bar-mitvah.Aliyah) or if someone buys the wool/yarn for me. I have knitted so many beautiful things for B-days and holidays and then I never see them worn or the person tells me they gave it away :frowning:

:frowning: That’s messed up! I literally take weeks going over my choices for people because I have to make sure they don’t end up like that.

As much as I adore thrift stores,it’s really sad finding the “given away home made scarf” section.There’s also a section for afghans and sweaters :confused:

ya too right… I’m always sorry to find those as well

Duuuuude… don’t worry about it! You’re putting way too much pressure on yourself; knitting’s supposed to be fun and relaxing, right? I’m telling people, “You’ll get it when you get it” and make them deal with it. If they’ve got their panties in a bunch because they didn’t get something from you this year, then they’re selfish and inconsiderate (especially if they "gave it away)! How rude! And exactly who are you knitting for if they’re going to do that to one of your artful pieces? Perhaps throttle back on knitting for other people and knit more for yourself or immediate family/close friends; people who will love and appreciate what you slaved over and who wouldn’t [U]think[/U] of donating to a thrift store. :tap:
Good luck and always look on the bright side of life.:sun:

you need to join the selfish knitters group :slight_smile:

I also stop taking “requests” for knitted gifts in october for not the following december, but a YEAR from that. and the “hey honey” gets a “two words you don’t want to say… knitted and GIFT” (my dh got that one recently!)

knit what you want when you want and for whom you want… you’re not a personal knitwear dispenser and if they think that it’s SOOOO much “cheaper” (yeah, i giggled at that one too!) for you to make something rather than buy it in the store, send em to etsy :slight_smile:

I didn’t knit enough for Christmas either, but I’m not really feeling guilty about it.

My SIL is getting the only scarf I made along with some PJs when we get together in a couple days, but we’re celebrating her December birthday too so the scarf is actually her b-day gift.

I made hats for stockings last year, and might make scarves for next Christmas. But only if I get a start on them by the summer.

I planned to knit a shawl for my mom’s birthday (it was on September and she kindly asked for it) and began on August. Then everything became a mess, because I didn’t have enough time to knit due to classes/yarn shortage/parties. So her birthday arrived, and I told her she’d be getting her present on xmas (she did, and now an aunt wants one for next xmas).

I only like knitting stuff for people when they pay me or when they give me yarn as a gift (this makes me feel literally obligated to knit them something), or when their begging is unbearable. I do intend to knit my aunt’s shawl if I begin it on July or something.

Try knitting scarves, they are much faster than a shaw, use that fun fur yarn with something of like color, knit the two yarns together, every one loves them, and they will think you took forever to make them.

I agree…scarves are a great idea…easy and impressive.

Being a new-ish knitter, I just made my first knitted Xmas gift…a gorgeous wrap in superfine Alpaca, a black and tan combo. It took much longer than anticipated, and I ended up taking it along on a Dec.18th girls’ roadtrip (my buddy helped me cut the fringe). It turned out lovely and was much appreciated. Bottom line- save your bigger knitted gifts for those you know will really appreciate them- don’t feel pressured- and don’t give in to everyone who asks…that way you’ll keep your stock high! :happydance: