OT-I can't get any knitting done because of this

New arrival at my house. Meet Miss Sophie who flew in to live at my house all the way from Oklahoma last week. All I can do is sit and play with the puppy… My knitting is WAY behind! She is my second Maltese, #1 is in my Avatar.

I wouldn’t be able to get anything done either!! She is TOO CUTE :inlove:

Oh how precious! She’s a cutie and I can well understand the diversion

Aww she is so cute!!

What a doll baby!

How old is she? (Hard to tell with the “puppy” breeds.)

How much does it cost to for a doggie plane ticket and is it hard on young ones?
There don’t seem to be many Springer breeders around here that don’t send up a flag. (I had to drive about 3 hours to get my present '99 model.)

what a sweetie :slight_smile:

She’s a beauty and fun, I’ll bet!!!

My daughter bought a mini dachshund at the petstore in our local mall this past June. He is a black and tan male longhaired. Then in November she bought a female standard size piebald longhaired dachshund. Their names are Sugarfoot and Coal.](http://s799.photobucket.com/albums/yy271/Daylilydazed/?action=view&current=SL730545CoalandSugarfootSmall.jpg)[/IMG]

Click on the picture to see a larger version

:oops::oops: Well, I am ashamed to admit what I paid to have her shipped. Let me first say that I have waited all my life for a dog of this caliber, her breeder wond Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster last week. She is 6 months old, I would not ship a puppy any younger than that, especially a toy breed as they are prone to hypoglycemia.

If you are shipping a puppy the ONLY airline to do it with is Continental. They take exceptionally good care of animals and have professional animal handlers at every airport in the event of a canceled flight or unexpected layover. I was also very lucky that the daughter of a friend is the General Manager of Continental in my town and she was able to pull some strings and get Sophie in the cabin for the last leg of the flight. So she arrived in wonderful condition.

As for what it cost, well it’s about the same as a business class airline ticket, and she is worth every penny!!

I am a very strong believer in buying dogs from Reputable breeders not pet shops (that buy from puppy mills) or back yard breeders that don’t do genetic testing. I support the adoption of Rescue and SPCA dogs ( and have done so in the past) but if you are getting a pure bred be sure you are doing your homework and buying from a breeder that is endorsed by the AKC or breed specific organization.

OK, that’s all I needed to know. Probably more worth it to make a week end trip to Wisconsin where Springers are more plentiful and have a couple breeders lined up than to buy a plane ticket.

I was sad. I just put a Maltese charm on a bracelet and noticed a second date not that much more than a year from the first date.
But then I was happy because I noticed the other name and date were fresher engraving so it wasn’t one name with 2 dates but 1 name/date with another dog added.

Two paws up :woot:

Adorable! May you be blessed with many happy years with her.
(My Cocker spaniel and St. Poodle approve, btw.)

She is absolutely adorable!!

LOL, they say Maltese are like potato chips: you can’t have just one!

Alot depends on how far you are. Ok to NY is a LONG way. The big advantage to actually being there is that you can pick your puppy. I needed to trust that my breeder would select a puppy that fit in with my pack (she did).

Congrats! She is adorable!! :slight_smile: