OT I cannot wait!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End trailer

It looks so good!!!

[size=1]And, mmmmm Johnny Depp[/size]

I saw that last night on Dancing With The Stars! I was just [b]thrilled[/b] to see it. I was at my boyfriend’s place and he has TiVo, so I had the ability to rewind & play it again (and again) :eyebrow: . I made sure he caught it too! Although he didn’t seem as excited as I was. :verysad:

It’s has to be 6 hours long or something to get all that in!

:happydance: I :heart: Pirates of the Caribbean!

:blooby: i cannot wait! my dd (11months old) was excited watching the trailer :teehee: it was so cute!

Yay! So many awesome movies this summer! :cheering:

hmm… I guess I’ll have to see that one. I loved the first one, but was greatly disappointed by the second.

Hopefully the third one will be back on par with the first.

This is all I have to say: :drool: !

I saw that (online) yesterday. I’m excited about it, too!